“FURY” Movie Spoiler Review


Last night I went to AMC and watched FURY. All my friends who had seen it said it was amazing, and then reading what Shia LeBeouf and Logan Lerman said about working on the film (That Brad Pitt would encourage that the main cast fight each other, and that Shia really cut his face and pulled out a tooth for the role).

This is movie is very intense, but to be honest it’s nothing that we haven’t already seen in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and BAND OF BROTHERS/THE PACIFIC. Not that its a bad thing, WW2 was a brutal war and I love a film where we kill Nazis. But its a typical WW2 fictional film.


I know that Brad Pitt’s name is the first one you see, but he is not the main character in this film. Logan Lerman is our real main character if you really look at the film. Half way threw my buddy leaned over to me and asked, “If it still his first day?” Yes, the whole film is Lerman’s first day as a tank gunner. You see how his character starts off as a scared kid who was suppose to be a typist, who by the end is yelling and killing Nazis.


Brad Pitt is out antihero of the film, he’s the leader of the tank group and you see him laughing with his group and giving food to German people and treat them nice. But there is this really uneasy scene where after a tank battle a Nazi soldier is captured and begs for his life saying he has a family. Brad Pitt then grabs Lerman and hands him his revolver and tells him to shoot the guy in the back. Lerman says no he won’t do it and Pitt then tackles Lerman, fighting him, and forces his hand on the trigger and has him shoot the Nazi in the back. Lerman is shocked and starts to freak out. Although we see scenes after the first battle and after the shooting that his character is not OK. I think he pushes Lerman because he knows that the SS won’t be easy on them so he has to harden his men and show them that war is dirty and sometimes you have to things that seem inhuman.

As any film we get our comic relief in the Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena characters. They are just their to make us laugh, but when that final battle came you see them change and when they die you feel sad and shocked because you love those characters.

Shia was fantastic as the religious man of the group, he can go out and kill Nazis and fight hard, but then after a battle he’ll go on the field and pray with both German and US soldiers. Compare this to his other roles, there was not any point in this film that I felt like he was asking. His acting felt genuine.

That final battle sort of reminded me of the ending of THE WILD BUNCH and the whole film its self feels like a Sam Peckinpah movie. This is the same director that gave is SABOTAGE, ehhhh. But he also gave us END OF WATCH and his set to direct the new DC villain movie SUICIDE SQUAD.


So if you like a good fictional WW2 movie, and a lot of Nazi killing, FURY is the film for you!


“AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.” Ep.6 Spoiler Review


In this episode we get to learn a bit more about Ward and his past. We see his older brother once again, and you wonder who’s the lesser of two evils in the family?

This episode focused a lot around relationships:

Sky and Ward


Ward and his brother

Mockingbird and her ex-husband


The US Government and SHIELD


One of the characters I’m interested in seeing how they progress as the season continues is Gen. Glenn Talbot. He’s a huge HULK villain, and he was ruined in the horrible HULK film, and I want to see if later on we see if he becomes a bad guy or if they change this story arc and he does end up working with SHIELD.

The main plot of the episode is that HYDRA kills people at a UN meeting and claim they are SHIELD agents. So Coulson makes a deal with Ward’s brother, who is a US Senator, that if he announces that SHIELD is good and HYDRA is bad he will give Ward over to him.

Now Coulson knows that Ward’s brother is not a good person, but he needs him if SHIELD is going to defeat HYDRA. Also Ward’s brother tells Coulson that he didn’t hurt his little brother, he clams Ward was the one who did it. If you look at Coulson you can tell that he most likely doesn’t believe him or he just doesn’t care.

Then we get this cool scene where Ward’s brother goes on LIVE TV and says that SHIELD is good and that the US Government must work with SHIELD. That scene is Intertwined with Ward’s transfer and his escape. Now he kills some soldiers and looks VERY pissed off! So Will he continue to be a bad guy or is trying to turn over a new leaf?

I’m so excited to see what they do with the midseason episode and if the MARVEL announcements will change the course of the show?

“THE FLASH” Ep.4 Spoiler Review


What’s the one problem in having a character like CAPTAIN COLD and MR. FREEZE? Ice or cold puns galore!

Yes we did get out fail share of cold puns in this episode, but its not Batman & Robin.

Wentworth Miller play a very CHILLY bad guy, with is monotone voice that reminds me of MR. FREEZE from the Batman: Animated Series.


In the episode CAPTAIN COLD is out to get a diamond, OK that’s a little like Batman & Robin. He’s the biggest FLASH villain and he pushes Barry to limits he hasn’t faced yet. He’s not a metahuman so he uses skills and a cold gun to get what he wants. He’s scary because he shows little to no emotion, plus I like how he got away and didn’t get caught.

I liked how Felicity Smoak made an appearance in this episode. I really want to see her and Barry get together.


I just don’t like how Barry is crushing on his half-sister, I also want to see Iris’ relationship with Eddie get more involved and then maybe see him become a bad guy.

You can also tell that Dr. Wells knows more about Felicity then what he said at the lab. We know he’s from the future so he most likely knows something could be a game changer for ARROW. Also he’s line about how Barry has not gone as fast as he can, he then corrected himself by says that’s what they speculate. Those hits is what makes this show GREAT!

Best episode so far, best villain so far and with the after credit scene I wonder who CAPTAIN COLD is teaming up with. At first I thought it would be Caitlin Snow’s “dead” boyfriend aka FIRESTORM, but no its someone else. I’m sure we’ll find out soon wh it is.

“GOTHAM” Ep.6 Spoiler Review


Much last weeks AGENTS OF SHIELD there’s a lot going on this this episode. I just feel like the detective stories get so tangled up by these other plot points happening that it takes away from the real story.

We get to see a flash back of Harvey with with old partner, played by Dan Hedaya. We see that Harvey at one point was just like Gordon, a cop who didn’t sit back for back up, but jumps in to find the criminal. Harvey and his partner are out finding the Spirit of the Goat Killer. In the process Hadaya gets injured and Harvey kills the Goat Killer.


Cut back to present day and the killer is back.

In this episode we get to see more of Edward Nigma and its very entertaining, I like where this character is going. He’s a bit creepy, but right now it seems harmless and awkward. He throws out some riddles, but its not pushing it on us.


We also get pointless scenes with Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, and The Penguin. All those scenes could have been saved for the next episode.

Also Penguin and his mother have a very uncomfortable relationship, and that’s all I’ll say about that.


So we have this not so bad story of a Goat copycat killer, but when we finally find out that the doctor who is treating one of the victims father Harvey somehow notices something that makes him realize its her. Then he mentions how she was the doctor to the previous Goat Killer, OK if that’s so why didn’t Harvey look into that in the first place?

So that’s where the story lacks.

Also the ending where Gordon gets arrested for “Killing” the Penguin is a good way to end the episode, but then Penguin walks into the police station and announces that he’s alive. Why? Have it end with Gordon and Harvey being arrested and end on a cliffhanger.


All and all, this isn’t a bad episode but I’m still unsure if it will last a 2nd season.

“AGE OF ULTRON” new footage!

After all the news MARVEL dropped on us yesterday, last nights episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD gave us a new clip from AGE OF ULTRON. It was part a scene shown at this years COMIC CON where we see the whole team, including Rhodey and Marie hill (but no Falcon?), and there’s also some mystery woman sitting next to THOR. From what I’ve read online is that it’s not Natalie Portman, and they are keeping her hidden in this new clip.

What’s so refreshing about this clip is that we get to see THE AVENGERS laugh and relax as a team together. I know some people were complaining that the teaser trailer was to dark, so this may calm them down. It was a really funny clip and just makes me more excited to see this film!

The rest of the clip is just a rehash of the teaser with a few new clips of LOKI’s staff and showing the infinity stone.

What do you think of this new footage? Leave your COMMENTS and RANT away!

MARVEL Movie Updates!

With DC’s big roll out announcements a few weeks back, MARVEL has fired back hard! This may be because of the leaked Age of Ultron trailer we got, but the big MARVEL Hollywood press event has given us some KICK ASS news!


Its official that Loki’s staff does contain one of the gems that was talked about in GUARDIANS. I know many speculated that it was and now we know for a fact that it is one.

They also showed some live-action footage of the infinity gauntlet, which we got a glimpse of in the first THOR movie. But from what I read we see that THANOS is holding it. Now this many just be a tease to foreshadow whats to come and not an actual movie scene.

We got the title to AVENGERS 3, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which obviously tell us that the infinity stones and possibly the GUARDIANS will be huge part of that film. Which worries me because I fear that’s to many characters thrown into one movie, but I’m thinking the same for AVENGERS 2 so we’ll see. They will break up AVENGERS 3 into two separate films, May 4, 2018 is Part I and May 3, 2019 is part 2.


We got the official DOCTOR STRANGE logo. I just want to say that NO official announcement was made that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Which means ether he’s not, or he’s in negotiations.


I think we all guessed what the title to Captain America 3 was going to be.


Chris Evens and Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance, which many hope they would. Kevin Feige did say that the CIVIL WAR film will be different from the comic but it will about the superhuman registration act.

Probably one of the biggest news MARVEL gave out was the casting of Chadwick Boseman as BLACK PANTHER.


It’s already rumored that the character that Andy Serkis is playing is a person from the BLACK PANTHER comics so maybe the rumors are true. Chadwick Boseman was a name that was thrown out of the role, I liked him in 42, I heard he was good in both GET ON UP and DRAFT DAY so I have faith that he’ll do a great job in the role!

They released some concept art for BLACK PANTHER and its very similar to how he looks in the comics. Kevin Feige did say that we will see BLACK PANTHER in costume in CAP. 3 and that he will be an influential character in the next AVENGERS movies.


Among some other news we got the title and logo for:


Will this film lead to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY teaming up with THE AVENGERS for INFINITY WAR? THANOS will obviously be the big villain in the film with hopefully Karen Gillan returning as NEBULA.


I wasn’t a huge fan of THOR 2, the first one is still one of my favorite MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE movies. I have to wait and see what happens in AGE OF ULTRON and that THOR storyline.



Now the INHUMANS story may be connected with what’s going on right now on AGENTS OF SHIELD, but that all fan rumors right now. Not much was given on this film, but again they did say more news to come.

Look out for tonight’s episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD, a new full AGE OF ULTRON trailer to be shown with all new footage. I’m sure the trailer will ether be up later tonight or tomorrow for those who will miss it.

So what do you think about this major MARVEL movie drop? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!

“AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.” EP.5 Spoiler Review


With episode 5 of AGENTS OF SHIELD we get a mixture of stories.

1. Sky’s father, played by Kyle MacLachlan, is some mad scientist who may or may not be an alien. I’m a huge fan of MacLachlan but I just felt like his acting was a bit hokey. Obviously he’s a nut and a killer, and I’m interested in seeing where his story goes.

2. Simmons’ cover being blown, and the introduction of Mockingbird or as I like to call her our Black Widow-est character.


Actress Adrianne Palicki is not a stranger to comic book based TV shows (AQUAMAN, SMALLVILLE and WONDER WOMAN). What bothered me about this story is that we had this whole plot of Simmons’ being the mole and learning all about HYDRA’s secrets, but now she’s back and really she learned nothing that is helpfully to taking down HYDRA. I really would have liked her see her continue working for HYDRA and maybe possibly have been brained washed into being a HYDRA agent and having Fritz help snap her back hence recovering himself in the process.

3. Coulson and his writings, and will we see him become a bad guy only to become himself again? Only the midseason episode will tell!


4 HYDRA, we know they want the object Sky’s father stole, but if they didn’t have it how did they create the stuff that killed the NAVY officers at the party? They said it was similar to what the object is made out of, but if so how did HYDRA get it? Was it from the Absorbing Man? Ether way I still want to know how Kraken is not an elderly man.


5. This is my favorite story, the Hannibal Lecter/Clarice-est scenes with Sky and Ward. Ward is by far my favorite character in the series and the one with the less screen time. Every time he makes an appearance its chilling. You know he’s a killer and traitor to everyone, but you almost want to believe him when he says he’s changed. Does he really feel sorry. or is it all just more lies? Again I hope he escapes in the midseason episode and ether becomes a good or a bad guy.

This episode was a breath of fresh air, I want this show to be more of a spy thriller series in the same vein of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and THE AVENGERS.

Benedict Cumberbatch as DOCTOR STRANGE


Today MARVEL and DISNEY sent an email out saying that tomorrow they were gonna announce some big news at an event in California. Many speculated that it would be more AVENGERS footage, also MARVEL said they were gonna show some more footage for AGE OF ULTRON after this weeks episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD.

Another guesses many people came up with was that they were gonna show ether Ant-Man footage or announced who will be playing DOCTOR STRANGE.


Well according to DEADLINE Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Now there has not been any official announcement from MARVEL on whether this is true or not, but Cumberbatch’s name was one of the contenders to play the role of STEPHEN STRANGE, which got a call out cameo in WINTER SOLDER.


Other names that were thrown out were Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, and Joaquin Phoenix. One actor that I knew really wanted to play the part was Patrick Dempsey, he’s a fan of the character and I could see him in the role.

Cumberbatch though is on a hot streak with SHERLOCK, STAR TREK, and now his potential Oscar best actor nomination for THE IMITATION GAME. I can see why MARVEL and DISNEY would wan’t to go with him, one he’s a terrific actor and second he was one of those iconic voices We saw, or better yet heard, that in THE HOBBIT.

detail (1)

Again though MARVEL has not officially announced that Cumberbatch is DOCTOR STRANGE, but if they do there’s still another thing to consider. Will a DOCTOR STRANGE movie work, or will it flop?

What do you think about this news? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!

“Interstellar” will it be good?


So disclaimer I have not seen INTERSTELLAR yet, but I’ve watched all the trailers and I’ll be honest I’m not hooked. Yes the visuals look cool and the shots are well done, but I fear that story wise its gonna fail.

I’ve read some reviews on the film and people are saying that, “While script elements loosely hold the film together, it doesn’t undercut Nolan’s gift for spectacle”, and, “the exploration of the stars may require some patience, both with its pace and your own capability of understanding complex time/space theories, but it offers an incredible emotional payoff along with its visual spectacle.”


I’ll go see it never the less because I want to make my own opinion on the film, but these were the fears I had for the film by just watching the trailers. Now I’m not asking to give us the whole movie, I hate when trailers do that, but again besides the cool shots nothing about those trailers really drew me in. I get that Matthew McConaughey is a dramatic actor now, I may get hate for saying this but I did not like Dallas Buyers Club or his performance in it, but I just don’t buy that he’s an astronaut. Maybe if the launch was sponsored my LINCOLN it would be more believable.


Anne Hathaway seems so out of place to me. She looks worried and whimsical in the trailers, I’m almost expecting her to break out in a solo song…”A dreeeam a dreeeam of Space gone byyyyy! To boldly go where no ones goooone!”


I can tell also that Jessica Chastain is going to play the older version of McConaughey’s daughter, which is what I thought was gonna happen. As they travel threw space everyone on earth is aging.

What also worries me is that the last few films I saw about space and space traveling have been in my opinion BAD! PROMETHEUS and OBLIVION were so lack lusting, the writing was horrible. The visuals were done well, but it lacked in plot.

Now When I saw the trailers for INCEPTION I was like, “psh, its all happening in his mind, none of this is real.” Which I was wrong. Well that depends on who you ask, damn spinning top.

In conclusion, INTERSTELLAR is most likely be a visual eye candy film with a plot that only Stephen Hawkings could understand and then tell us how its wrong, or Neil deGrasse Tyson ether one.



Here’s the trailer of next weeks episode of THE FLASH that introduces CAPTAIN COLD!

I’m excited to see that we get to see Felicity Smoak make an appearance, I really liked her and Barry’s chemistry on ARROW and I’d like to see this two progress as both series go on. Also I hope it stops the whole Barry crushing on his stepsister-ish.

We also get a look at what CAPTAIN COLD is going to look like. I’m glad they didn’t make him a metahuman and just a thung with an cold gun. I kept wondering if they were going to give him the Eskimo coat, and they did but its not like the one in the comics (Thank the maker!). He’s a huge villain in THE FLASH comics so I hope to see him make more and more appearances in the series!