“GOTHAM” The Mask Spoiler Review


So in this episode we get introduced to both Hush and Black Mask. Similar to how Hush is done in the comics he is around the same age as Bruce, but we see in this version that he bullies Bruce and they get into a fight. In the comics they’re friends, now this is the first time we see Hush so they may become friends as the series goes on.


With Black Mask they show him as a business man who hires people by having them fight to the death, and who ever wins gets the job. In the episode he wears a black Japanese mask. Foreshadowing what he will become one day. I was excited when I saw the title to this episode because I’ve been wanting to see a live-action version of Black Mask. So far this show has picked up when it comes to villains origins.

Gotham 108P_1001

The Penguin is getting stronger and stronger, you can see his power in the crime world getting bigger. Fish Mooney really wants to take down Falcone but we don’t really know why. She got some paper that she said could unravel Falcone’s whole operation. However I think Falcone knows that Fish is up to and now that one of her henchmen told Penguin that there’s someone close to Falcone that is working for Fish Mooney.

Barbara is just like Iris on The Flash series, she’s so underwritten and serves no purpose then to be a love interest to out main character.

We get to see Catwoman again, I really hope they explore her character out more. She the only classic Bat Man villain that has no been really explored a lot.

I just can’t wait to see Scarecrow and Hugo Strange!


“FLASH” Plastique Ep. 5 REVIEW


This is my least favorite episode so far from the series.

Going Rogue was so good and having this episode fall it was disappointing. The Iris character in my opinion is the most horribly written character in the show. Her only purpose on the show is for someone for Barry to fantasies over. You could kill her off in the show and it wouldn’t hurt the series, actually it could make it better.


We get a metahuman who’s meh, she was really underdeveloped and then they just kill her off. The only real strong parts of the show was the appearance of General Wade Eiling played by Clancy Brown (aka Mr. Crabs) and the relationship him and Dr. Wells. When Dr. Wells tells Plastique to kill Gen. Eiling, because he knows something. We learn in a post-credit scene that GRODD was an experiment that Dr. Wells was working on and Gen. Eiling wanted to get his hands on him as a weapon, like how he wanted to use Plastique as a weapon.


If Dr. Wells is from some sort of future then he knows that GRODD will become General Grodd and one of The Flash’s super villains.

images (2)images (1)

So the Dr. Wells’/Gen. Eiling story line was the strong part of the series, the whole Barry and Iris story line was the weak parts.

I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with the ARROW/The Flash crossover!


I didn’t like this film.


I went into INTERSTELLAR with a clear mind.

I thought this movie was so dull, and so long and had so many plot holes. I was not taken back by any of the scenes. I’ve already seen GRAVITY and that film had way better visuals and honestly a far better, understandable plot. This film is a jumble mess or scenes that go no where and speaks so much science jargon that you get lost and have no idea what these characters are saying or what just happen.


It felt like I was watching a video game. INTERSTELLAR: the game, you play as an astronaut who must travel threw time and use what little resources his and his team has to go take missions on different planets. I was expecting to see a first person look and a life bar.

The underlining message is not time or how fast time flys, but that when you believe in LOVE everything will work out. “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!”



Matt Damon took me out of the movie, it felt like he was acting and he’s only there to give the audience exposition and be the films bad guy. I knew he was going to be the bad guy, its so obvious.tumblr_mk60slMwZf1rhjbkxo1_500

So count that, the dude from the Hunger Games, and the black scientist who just had two days left till retirement, Eric Forman, and Casey Affleck to the list of pointless characters in this film. There’s so many its hard to count!

Also, who did the ship that the black dude was inside blow up? How did the robot make it out with out a scratch when that ship blew the fuck up?

Anna Hathaway and Jessica Chastain were so fucking winney! People say that Jessica Chastain performance was fantastic. Her character did nothing! She was in the for less them 5mins and just did nothing? How did she figure out that he father is talking to her….BECAUSE OF LOVE!


Also the whole ending is behind the little girls book shelf. Who is they? If He’s they how does that happen? This films ending makes no sense, it clears up nothing. This is like a bad episode of The Outer Limits.

How does the future people know where Matthew McConaughey was in space? The future they live in a space station, but people still live on earth, but his daughter tells him to find Ann Hathaway for some reason, is the planet shes on the future planet people live on, and if so why have a space station? AND HOW IS MICHAEL CAINE ALIVE FOR SO LONG?



This movie is visually nice, but GRAVITY did it better. I get that people say that Nolan went somewhere he never went before, but does that make it a better film? NO, he put his mind to much in the look but did not take time to make a good story. Peter Jackson did that with KING KONG and that didn’t work ether.

STAR WARS 7 title reviled!!!

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens


It’s official, STAR WARS 7 has a title! What I take from this title is that for several years the empire has been quite and Luke and the force have also not been doing much. Then something happens that brings the Jedi’s back in full force! Also this is sort of a metaphor for the whole STAR WARS franchise, this is a new Awakening and hopefully means that we’ll get back to the classic films but with some new edge.

I really like this title and I don’t want to get over excited, but I will be there for the midnight release when this comes out next year!

“CONSTANTINE” Spoiler Review


So we all know that the film based on the very Dark Horse Comic CONSTANTINE starring Keanu “WHOAAAA” Reeves. Well with shows like ARROW, THE FLASH, and GOTHAM DC Comics is ruling the airwaves right now. These shows are dark and well put together, GOTHAM is getting better. So NBC jumped on the band wagon and has given us CONSTANTINE!


This show in my opinion rants right up there with ARROW with the dark tones and writing. CONSTANTINE is a very interesting character and this representation is honest to the comic. Matt Ryan is fantastic in the role, he embodies the character so well and you can tell that he is tormented by his past,

We learn that John Constantine is a man who wants to escape who he is and what he;s meant to do. After he accidentally damned a little girl to hell who was taken over by a demon while in the process damning his own soul to hell. Haven given up the life of an exersist and demonnologist he is roped back in after the ghost of his mentor tells him to find his daughter and defeat the demon that is out to get her.

We get to meet our side characters, Manny an angel who wants Constantine’s help to track down and defeat demons that are on earth. Manny tells Constantine that if he helps him his soul could be saved.

The other character we got to meet his Constantine’s “oldest” friend Chas. Who may or may not be some sort of superhuman.

In the 2nd episode we get to see Constantine at his best. Fighting demons, and being a smart ass. We also get to meet another new character Zed Martin, who may have some sort of telepathic powers as she has drawn countless pictures of Constantine.

The show has sort of a Noir feel to it, and since it lives in the world of “magic” they have the right to use characters in their catalog similar to Shazam and Black Adam.

So DC has done it again, I just hope MARVEL can catch up with AGENT CARTER and DAREDEVIL.

Scarecrow coming to GOTHAM, sort of…


So the producers of GOTHAM have announced that Scarecrow and Jonathan Crane will make an appearance on the show. However he won’t be the Scarecrow, his father is going to be. Jonathan Crane is going to be the same age as Bruce, in the new comics his father experiment with fear gas and his father tested it on him also.


So ether his father will be a doctor at Arkham Asylum or just some lunatic creating toxic weapons. Arkham is going to be the main story arc around the midseason of GOTHAM.

I ended up liking what they did with Zasaz on the show, and I’m interested to see what they do with the Scarecrow. I just hope they don’t kill the father character off, put him in Arkham or having him escape.

“GOTHAM” Ep. 7 Spoiler Review


Jim Gordon is a BAD ASSSS!

Finally the Jim Gordon we’ve been waiting for, everyone thinks he’s this weak little detective but in reality he can kick some ass! This episode started out strong. We see that The Penguin is growing in the world of organized crime, having his own guys now. We see that Harvey isn’t happy with Gordon that he lied to him. Fish Mooney is also not happy that Oswald is alive because he knows her plan to bring down Falcone. Although I think that Falcone knows that Fish is out to be the top mobster in the city. We get introduced to Victor Zasaz in this episode, he’s an enforcer of Falcone sent to pick up Gordon. I was afraid that they would mess up Zasaz and yes they changed is origin a bit, but we have to also remember this is a prequel series. But he’s a cold blooded killer, we see him kill a hurt cop (and they show it happen point blank range), and then he takes a box cuter and cuts a tally mark in his arm (which they also show and its terrifying).


This is the darkest episode of the season so far. I think once you bring in a character like Zasaz in you’re gonna change things. The Penguin is becoming a more influential figure in GOTHAM’S crime scene. You can tell that he’s playing Maroni to what he wants, and by the end of episode you find out that Falcone is using Oswald to bring down Maroni and Fish Mooney.

Fish Mooney said it in the episode that Falcone doesn’t seem to worried about Maroni and his crew. He’s been around a long time and he knows how the system works. Even when Gordon comes to arrest him he’s not worried, he pulls the strings in GOTHAM. He knows that Gordon is a good cop, and if he needs his enemies out of the wa he’ll need men like Gordon to take them in. Getting more people out of the way means he’s business grows.


Zasaz is still just a low level enforcer, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to send him to Arkham Asylum where he’ll grow to be more crazy.

Harvey comes back to help Gordon, knowing he’s dead one way or another. Plus he knows GOTHAM and the crime scene. I see them like Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in The Untouchables. They’re going to clean up GOTHAM, even if that means their life is on the line while doing it.

The exposition at the end seemed a bit forced. However you can also see that Penguin is playing Falcone as well. He wants to be on top and will do anything to get there.

A storm is coming….

“STAR WARS EP. 7” Will it be good?


Principle photography for STAR WARS Ep. 7 has rapped up and now its all in the hands of the editors and visual effect artists and JJ Abrams to bring this film together.


This has a lot riding on it, lets be honest the prequels really didn’t feel like STAR WARS movies, the animated CLONE WARS in my mind redeemed the films. Also JJ did a fantastic job bringing back STAR TREK, the sequel INTO DARKNESS was one of my favorite films of last year.

However the big question is, will the force be strong with this movie?

I think that this film has a chance to bring back this movie franchise and here are my reasons:

JJ Abrams directing.

George Lucas not involved with the production or preproduction.

Lawrence Kasdan, the original writer of Empire, Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The band id back together, Luke. Leia and Han. With Chewbacca, 3-CPO, R2-D2 and Warwick Davis.

New cast members who have a very talented filmography, and we don’t know who they all will play.


I’m excited to see what they are going to show us in the first trailer, with the Age of Ultron trailer STAR WARS has to step up their game. They did “I’ve got no strings” in the trailer, STAR WARS…”When you wish upon a star…WAAAARSSSS!”

“ARROW” season 3 Ep. 1-4 Spoiler Review


So I finished ARROW season 1 & 2 on Netlix and now I’m starting season 3.

Season 2 was dark and very violent and the Deathstroke character was the perfect villain, much more entertaining then Merlin in the first season. Now in season 3 we get Ra’s al Ghul as are main villain.

We start the season with a sort of flashback villain, Vertigo. I think that character type will be a constant bad guy Oliver has to face. This first episode was OK, I’m not a huge fan of him and Felicity getting together. When they go out it just felt awkward, a forced romance. I like that they take Oliver off the island and show us how he knows who Amanda Waller was. We saw a tease oh her shoes in the past seasons. The big WTF of the episode was when Sara got killed, this scene reminds me a lot of the ending to the first episode of HOUSE OF CARDS. We have a cool main character that we got to like and are interested to see where she goes and then she gets killed off.


In the 2nd episode is OK, its there to only help push Laurel’s story arc of becoming the Canary. The scene where they buried Sara’s body seemed out of place. They’re just burring her body at a very lite cemetery…alright then. We also get to see Tommy again in a flashback, that was cool I guess. We also find out at the end of this episode that Thea is being trained by her father Malcolm to be a fighter, or a killer like him.

The 3rd episode Oliver finds out where is sister is hiding and goes to bring her back to Starling City. Instead of an Oliver flashback in this episode we get a Thea flashback, showing her the months of Malcolm training her. We also get a plot where Diggle has to stop a rogue agent who wants to sell identities of agents, which includes Diggel’s wife. Thea finally decides to go back with her brother, but you can tell she’s not the same Thea who left Starring City.

Episode 4 gets really juicy when Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter/Sara’s former lover comes looking for her. She tell’s Oliver that Sara was checking on leads that Malcolm Merlin was still alive. So everyone suspects that we was the one who killed Sara. We get to see a dark side of Laurel in this episode who at this point wants revenge over the death of her sister. As the story goes along you start to see that yes Malcolm is a killer, but he was most likely not the one who killed Sara.


My guess its someone that Ra’s al Ghul sent, since we find out when we see him that he never fully expect her in the League of Assassins. We learn in the flashback that Weller was for a fact the one behind the attempted plane crash that Oliver stopped on the island. We also learn that on the plane was Chine White, the triad villain in the first season. So that character is going to be factor in this season some way or another.

Now on new character I want to talk about is Ray Palmer played by former Superman Brandon Routh. In the comics he’s a good guy, he’s funny so far in the show and I really doubt that he’s a bad guy. I think by the midseason episode we’ll see him team up with Oliver and his team.


So that’s my thoughts on the first four episodes of season 3 of ARROW, I’ll be reviewing and spoiling this weeks episode on Thursday!

“JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2” Why and What?

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember the Christmas cult film JINGLE ALL THE WAY starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad.


The story of two dad’s out to find a TURBO MAN action-figure, and struggle and fight to find it. Was this a great film? No, but it was a fun 90’s family film that also introduced Jake Lloyd aka Anakin Skywalker.


Well after 18 years the WWF and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to make a sequel which its only connection to the original is that its about a dad trying to find a toy for his kid. So who did they cast in this sequel no one wanted or asked for? Non other then that fake redneck himself Daniel Whitney aka Larry the Cable Guy.


Larry plays a dad who’s looking for a teddy bear for his daughter, but its sold out. So he goes looking for it, but his daughters EVIL stepfather doesn’t want that to happen so tries to stop him. FUNNY RIGHT?

This trailer is obviously just a teaser and looks more like a rip off of Christmas Vacation, a bad rip off.

Alex Zimmer the director of this film as directed such sequel jems as:

Inspector Gadget 2

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Tooth Fairy 2 (which also starred Larry)

and The Little Rascals Save The Day

I’m surprised he didn’t direct the Christmas Story sequel. Which was another sequel non of us asked for.

JINGLE ALL THE WAY is just one of those guilty pleasure films and also a classic 90’s Arnold film. This sequel is just another line of bad movies the WWF is producing. Don’t believe me, go check out LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS.