SABAN vs Power Rangers Fan Film


So in the last few days more news has come out about the new POWER RANGER fan film. SABAN who owns the franchise has been very vocal about how they don’t like this fan made short, even the former Green Ranger Jason David Frank has said that he’s also not happy with the way this short portrays the Rangers.

So here’s where the question of FAIR USE comes into play and what is parody. Well if your a normal person you can tell that this film is a strait up parody of the original POWER RANGERS. The producer and I’m guessing James Van Der Beek, who co-wrote the short, are fans of the show growing up and this is their take on it.

A few years ago there was a DARK fan film trailer that was a parody of POKE-MON. That film showed Pikachu getting beat up and had Ash and the rest of the characters be more adult. The company that owns the rights to POKE-MON and even the original creator never said anything about the fan film.

Since SABAN has came out with their comments, Vimeo and YouTube have both taken down the film on their sites. Luckily if you didn’t get a chance to watch the film on those sites Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has decided NOT to take the short film down.


This is a fan film and a parody, so it falls in the realm of FAIR USE. SABAN is upset because they’re working on a new POWER RANGER movie and are afraid that this film will hurt the movie. DUMB! I love this short film, but I wouldn’t want to see a full feature film version like this. I want to see them reboot the MIGHTY MORPHIN characters in an action fill fun movie that stays true to the RANGERS, but have a HUNGER GAMES edge.


Power Rangers Fan Film is AMAZING!


A new fan film produced by Adi Shankar who has produced several feature films such as DREDD and LONE SURVIVOR, but has also produced the fan films #DIRTYLAUNDRY and VENOM: TRUTH IN JOURNALISM has given us a new POWER RANGER fan film called “POWER/RANGERS”. (CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH)


This fan film has James Van Der Beek as Rocky and Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly.


From what we can tell that we see the Rangers after some robot war and several of the rangers have been killed. Also these Rangers use big laser guns as their weapons. Rocky now works for the new robot world and he’s questioning Kimberly over the whereabouts of Tommy (The former Green Ranger).


The director of this fan film has come out saying that he is not a fan of Power Rangers and doesn’t really know much about them. He just heard how people wanted a darker version of the Rangers so he did his best to give the fans what they wanted.

Shankar and the director have also gone on record saying that this fan film is NOT a pitch of any sorts.

There is a new Power Ranger movie coming out soon produced by Saban and Liongate, who also produced The Hunger Games. From what has been release this film will not be any reboot but it will go long with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe. Jason David Frank, who played Tommy the Green Ranger, has said that he will have some part in the film.

I’m not so excited about that because I would like to see them reboot the Rangers and make them edgy.

Here’s how I would write the film, and it would be a reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

We start off on the planet of Eltar where the armies of Lord Zedd have invaded the planet and the people are Eltar are fighting them. Helping them are a group called The Rangers. They are a group of young people who are trained by one of Eltar’s high officials Zordon. During the fight we see Rita Repulas’ ship land on the planet, she is getting ready to enter the halls of Eltar. This is when we see Goldar, a six foot tall half Lion half Griffin. He lets out a big rawer and spreads out his massive wings and flies off to the battle. The Rangers see this and decided to flank him. The Red Ranger goes strait for him. Gordon is flinging Eltar soldiers into the air, he sees the Red Ranger and jumps towards him. They begin in battle and while this is happening the other rangers are ambushed by Lord Zedd’s army and are unable to help the Red Ranger.

During this time we see Zordon and the other high Eltar Elders look over the battle and know that they need to set a retreat if the Rangers fail and Rita and Goldar enter the halls. What they are have are plans for a huge MegaZord fighter. Zordon has faith in the Ranger’s that he’s trained.

We cut back to the Red Ranger fighting Goldar. They both get to a canyon and Goldar gets the upper hand, chokes the Red Ranger to death and throws his body off the canyon. Zordon see’s this and nearly falls down, the others Rangers see this and then one by are killed.

The Elders then tell Zordon that he needs to leave with the plans. Right then a sound explosion goes off and they see that Rita and Goldar have entered the halls.

Zordon gets in his ship and finds the robot Alpha 5 on board and they fly their ship out. Rita and Goldar round up the Elders and are searching for Zordon. When they notice that his ship has left Rita commands her ship and her and Goldar leave to pursue Zodron. As they leave the elders are executed.

Zordon is flying out of the orbit when they begin to be blasted on by Rita’s ship. Zordon then turns on a Time Warp to trap the ship. Another blast hits the ship and Zordon is thrown back and is seriously injured. Alpha helps him up and Zordon turns the ship in the direction of Rita’s ship, and right before Rita commands the final blow to Zordon’s ship, Zordon fires the Time Warp and traps them and transport the vessel they’re stuck in to the ship. Zordon, not very weak, commands Alpha to land on the nearest habitual planet. Alpha finds earth and they land. Zordon, now very close to death, lands the ship in a remote dessert area, the time period they land in is before people have settled in the area. Zordon commands Alpha to have have the vessel hidden somewhere it’ll never be found. Alpha has it sent to the moon. Now in a dying effort Zordon has his life energy transported into the ships mainframe and has the ship hidden so no one can find it.

The years pass and what once a dessert land, is now Angle Grove.

And this is where we meet, the new soon to be Rangers.


But again, that just me Nerding out. I was a HUGE Power Rangers fan as a kid and own the original movie on DVD. So will I go see the new Power Rangers movie, I went to go see the new TMNT movie so why not!

Spielberg back for Indy Reboot?


With all the rumors going around about how Chris Pratt maybe the new INDIANA JONES. Now rumors are flying that Steven Spielberg may be back to direct the reboot film for DISNEY.

Now the main reason for my THE CRYSTAL SKULL was so terrible was because of George Lucas and he’s want to make it super sci-fi and CGI.

So with Lucas now out of the Indy picture could we finally get another good Indiana Jones film? Well I think we can if we don’t make this a sequel BUT…a prequel. Make it to where we see Indy year’s before WW2, much like what we saw in the Young Adventures of Indiana Jones.

Not a lot of people know that THE TEMPLE OF DOOM was a prequel NOT a sequel to RAIDERS. As much as I like a good ol’ killing nazis movie, I want to see more from Indy’s adventures.

Also having Spielberg to helm the reboot could be a good thing, if he is able to have some creative control and if you bring back Lawrence Kasdan, the original screenwriter and the writer of THE FORCE AWAKENS, then I think the film has a good chance of being good!


However if DISNEY does make a new Indy film I hope they don’t “Tone it Down” and try to make it more “Kid friendly”. Indy is all about the guns, and people dying, blood, SEX, and some religious undertones. What gives me hope that they may keep the elements that made the original films so great is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. They sweared A LOT in that films and it was for adults as for kids.

So if they can keep all the elements that made the originals GREAT, but still give us something new (environment wise).

Han Solo DIES and Darth Luke?


In NEW HOPE Obi Wan sacrificed himself so Luke and the rest could make it out alive. Alec Guinness was the biggest name in the movie, much like how Harrison Ford will be honestly the biggest name in THE FORCE AWAKENS so rumors are going around saying that Han Solo will be the “Obi Wan” of Episode 7.

Now I know many thought that Luke was going to be the film’s Obi Wan, but from what Mark Hamill has been saying Luke at this point in time is strayed from the force.

“Well, part of the answer to that question involves what I thought of the script to my final chapter. The way Episode [VI] indicated that Luke would be terribly conflicted and possibly be giving in to his darker impulses to achieve short term goals. Now I had no question that he would redeem himself at the very end, but I thought as dangerous as the Empire was that George would go in the direction of me betraying someone before I realized the error of my ways, Ebenezer Scrooge style. So I was enormously mislead. I mean I was completely wrong on that assumption.”

So we maybe getting a DARTH LUKE? Who knows but the idea of killing Han Solo isn’t new. Harrison Ford thought they should have killed the character in 83′,

“I thought Han Solo should die. I thought he ought to sacrifice himself for [Luke and Leia]. He’s got no mama. He’s got no papa. He’s got no future. He has no story responsibilities at this point. So let’s allow him to commit self-sacrifice.”

However Lucas didn’t want to kill what he saw as a well marketable character.

Now that Lucas is out of the picture and JJ and DISNEY are in, will see Han Solo bit the dust?


Here’s how the galaxy’s most clever space pirate is suppose to go down:

Han with Chewy are helping out the new lead characters, Finn and Rey, when they are attacked by the villain and SITH LORD Kylo Renn (played by Adam Driver). While buying some time for our leads Han tries to fight Kylo, he gets killed. His death is allegedly morrows Obi Wan’s death in NEW HOPE. What is he gonna go POOF too?

I’m I excited to see THE FORCE AWAKENS….uh fuck ya! Also to be honest I had a “BAD FEELING” about Han Solo and his life expectancy in this new series of films. Lets be honest Harrison Ford ain’t getting any younger.



So let me first start off by saying that is not a porn movie like many were thinking. This is not even a softcore porn really, those skin flcks show more then this movie.

There’s only 4 S&M scenes:


1. He ties her hands on a bed, runs ice on her body, flips her over and takes her from behind. This scene was about 3 mins long and all you see is tits and ass…big woop.

2. He takes her to the RED ROOM and chains her hands up, uses a house whip on her and then they have sex, it also cuts back and forth of scene where he ties her hands with rope and takes her from behind. This scene lasts about 5mins, its all cut scenes and you see tits and ass…again

3. It just cuts to him tying her to a bed with ropes on her feet and hands, and blind fold her while (in slow-mo cam) he whips her and the has sex with her….maybe 5mins and more tits and ass.

the final S&M type scene is him taking a belt to her butt.

Now there is a scene before all this where he takes her V-Card. 3 mins tops and as you may guess…tits and ass.

Honestly I got tired of seeing Dakota Johnson naked, its like really she’s naked again!

The beginning of this movie is just thrown at you, like here’s your main actress isn’t she awkward and here’s yours lead man isn’t he dark and mysterious. Now lets have them meet and automatically fall for each other. LIFETIME MOVIE OF THE WEEK BULLSHIT PEOPLE!

This film really doesn’t pick up till about almost the middle of the film, and the S&M is so hyped up in the trailers. Those scenes are like the side notes to the film, they almost seem out of place. It’s like the screenwriter wrote the script and then forgot that S&M was suppose to be in it and just threw it where she thought it would work.

The author of the novels originally wrote the first book as TWILIGHT fan fiction. Which you can tell because the two main characters in this film are carbon copies of the main characters of TWILIGHT. Just take away the Vampire stories from TWILIGHT, but keep the main characters, add S&M as the plot and you get the same movie.

The main actors in the movie even mirror the acting of the main leads in TWILIGHT. You even have a JACOB-est character who loves the main character, but she’s not into him.

This movie did not push the envelope at all, NYNPHOMANIAC way worse sex-wise then this film.

If you really want to see a movie that has sex, drama, and nudity go watch BODY HEAT or 9 1/2 WEEKS.



So on ARROW we have been given us Batman baddies from the 1st season, Deadshot, Firefly, Huntress, Solomon Grundy, and Ra’s A Goul. Oliver Queen is our poor mans Bruce Wane, now I’m not saying that he’s awful but lets be honest Green Arrow is Batman with bow and he actually has killed people.

We have seen Green Arrow villains on ARROW, Chine White, Vertigo, Cupid and Clock King (who also appeared in THE FLASH), now Stephen Amell has gone on record saying that he would like to see BANE on ARROW.

Now I’m one of few that actually enjoyed and liked THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and I thought that BANE was more terrifying the JOKER just because he has no other goal then to kill people to make sure that is mission gets completed. I think that BANE would make a great villain on ARROW…if it’s done right. With Ra’s A Goul in the show I hope they don’t try to connect them like the previous film. Also I wouldn’t like to see them do what they did in BATMAN AND ROBIN. BANE is a tricky character to adapt, I thought that Christopher Nolan did a great job at that and if ARROW decides to tackle it will they do the venom story line with him being born in prison, and being latin?


If they bring in BANE I think he would have to be brought in by another bad guy, and PLEASE don’t have him try to take over Central City or the Glades! If they bring him in have him be sent there to kill Oliver, maybe sent by DEATHSTROKE who escapes from his prison and recruits BANE.

Now they have introduced a possible super-human venom in GOTHAM that could lead to maybe a BANE like character. However that’s very slim, and GOTHAM and ARROW have already shared a villain with THE DOLL MAKER, so I don’t think putting BANE in ARROW will cause trouble in the DC TV Universe.

Who’s Playing Spidey?

With the news of SONY and MCU teaming up to produce a new Spider-Man film for 2017. So now we have the two names that MARVEL STUDIOS are looking at to play the new version of the Web Slinger.

Dylan O’Brien:


Playing the lead in last years The Maze Runner, Dylan is already part of a franchise and adding Spider-Man to his resume could be impressive. He does that the look to pull off Spider-Man and in The Internship we see what he would look like as a nerd and I think he could pull it off if given the chance.

Logan Lerman:


Now if you had asked me before The Amazing Spider-Man was made who I thought would be a good Peter Parker Logan Lerman would be on my list. Now I’m not that sure. Is he a good actor, FURY I believed did show us that. However I don’t really see him as Peter Parker or Spider-Man. He’s to serious of Spider-Man in my opinion, in my opinion he’s to good of an actor and I think that would hurt the role.

So If I had to chose an actor I would pick Dylan O’Brien.

Both actors are in the perfect age range for the new Spider-Man though, and even if they do go with Lerman I’ll be ok with the choice.

But who would you chose to play the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

JOKER comes to GOTHAM!


FOX just dropped a first look at next weeks episode of GOTHAM that will not only included The Flying Graysons, and possibly The Red Hood. Now we know that a form of The Joker will be introduced on the show.

Our new version of Joker is named Jerome and he’s played by Shamless star Cameron Monaghan.


Not much is known right now about how they are going to handle this Joker, but I’m glad that he’s only a few years older then Bruce. The actor playing Bruce is 13 and the Monaghan is 21. Which would make sense in a Batman/Joker future.

GOTHAM is getting better and better. I’m so excited to see what they will do with their 2nd season!

Is The Flash a better TV Show then Arrow?


After watching the returning midseason episodes of ARROW and THE FLASH I’m starting to think, is THE FLASH better then ARROW?

I’ll be honest, I’m not liking the newest episodes of ARROW. They feel rushed and I get they need to move the plot along with Ra’s but then why introduced Tatsu to really only use her as a way to bring Oliver back.

With THE FLASH I’ve enjoyed every new episode, and with the introduction of GRODD this show can only go up! Again this just could be because it’s its first season, ARROW’s first season was epic. I hope that with the Time Travel story line to be brought in it’s only going to expand the show further.

So is THE FLASH better then ARROW? As of right now I’d say their neck’n neck for 1st in my book!

Spider-Man: The New Avenger?


News is circulating through the movie and comic book websites that SONY and MCU are teaming up to bring us a new Spider-Man movie in 2017.

No one is surprised by this news, from the SONY leaks to the disaster that was The Amazing Spiderman 2 SONY needed to make some serious changes. The truth of the matter is that the studio just did not know how to handle this franchise. With MARVEL they have Kevin Feige, DC has Geoff Johns, 20th Century FOX has people like Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn. SONY doesn’t have anyone like that, they had Matthew Vaughn but even he couldn’t do much over the big head’s at SONY.

So here’s the other big question, will they do another Peter Parker origin story? PLEASE GOD NO!

If they do have some sort of origin story I say make it with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales.


In these comics Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales gets bitten by a spider similar to the one that bit Peter. That way we can keep some of the characters from the original comics like the Osborn’s, Aunt May and Mary Jane.

Now if SONY and MCU does decided to go with a new Peter Parker then the even bigger question is, who will play Peter Parker?

Cinemablend has posted up their thoughts on who could play the next Peter Parker.

What do you think, should they do another Peter Parker story or should they go with a new Spider-Man all together?