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Spider-Man: The New Avenger?


News is circulating through the movie and comic book websites that SONY and MCU are teaming up to bring us a new Spider-Man movie in 2017.

No one is surprised by this news, from the SONY leaks to the disaster that was The Amazing Spiderman 2 SONY needed to make some serious changes. The truth of the matter is that the studio just did not know how to handle this franchise. With MARVEL they have Kevin Feige, DC has Geoff Johns, 20th Century FOX has people like Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn. SONY doesn’t have anyone like that, they had Matthew Vaughn but even he couldn’t do much over the big head’s at SONY.

So here’s the other big question, will they do another Peter Parker origin story? PLEASE GOD NO!

If they do have some sort of origin story I say make it with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales.


In these comics Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales gets bitten by a spider similar to the one that bit Peter. That way we can keep some of the characters from the original comics like the Osborn’s, Aunt May and Mary Jane.

Now if SONY and MCU does decided to go with a new Peter Parker then the even bigger question is, who will play Peter Parker?

Cinemablend has posted up their thoughts on who could play the next Peter Parker.

What do you think, should they do another Peter Parker story or should they go with a new Spider-Man all together?


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