Finally! The Age of Ultron Trailer I’ve been waiting for!


After all the dark bruiting trailer we’ve been given, that’s just the same footage over and over. We finally get a trailer that was fun, with humor and action and not all DARK KNIGHT.

It sums up all what you need to know about the film, gives you good look all the characters, shows us Ultron before his upgrade, we see the hulk buster suit, cool action scenes. That is what they should have given us from the beginning, or at least after the the teaser came up.

Does this make me more excited to see the film, no. However I will see the film and hope that there’s a trailer for STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS.


Lex Zuckerberg is here!

Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers just released a pic of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.


Many have debated on whether or not this new Lex would have hair, well its official we have a bald Lex!

Also he looks terrifying! When I first heard that Eisenberg was cast as The Man of Steel’s arch nemesis I was OK with it. As I’ve said on here before I’m not a fan of The Social Network, but seeing his performance as the fake character Mark Zuckerberg and how evil and manipulative he was made me think that he could be a good Lex Luthor.

Eisenberg, from what I’ve seen in interviews, is sort of an arrogant and self-centered person and again great elements for Lex!

I’m also OK with his age, 31, cause now a days business moguls are in their late 20’s and 30’s.

This is how I think they are going to use the Lex Luthor in the film:

After the events of Man of Steel Metropolis is ground zero and several people don’t know whether to trust Superman or not. Then LexCorp comes in to help rebuild the city, with the help of Wayne Enterprise and his CEO Bruce Wayne. Lex doesn’t trust Superman, blames him for the events of Man of Steel and bringing aliens to earth. He takes the body of Zod to see what these aliens are made out of. He also works with the US Government looking over what they could use to fight something like Superman. Lex looks to Bruce for help in finding ways to defeat Superman if needed. Bruce is willing to work with Lex just to know what all he’s up to. Bruce is doing his own experiments and most likely already knows who Superman is.

But that’s just my idea, I do wish we get a glimpse of the robot suit Lex wears.

The worst part is that we have to wait till 2016 to see any of this.

NEW Avengers 2 Trailer…cool


MARVEL just dropped a new trailer for the film AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON, and its OK.

I mean look, the first trailer was fun, the 2nd trailer was the same trailer but it gave us a funny opening. I also felt that the 2nd trailer told us to much of some parts of the story.

I wasn’t blown away from this trailer, It showed me nothing that made me go, “Oh wow!” At least we didn’t get that damn Pinocchio song again.

Summary of the trailer

We hear Ultron, we see him talk about how he doesn’t think much of the human race, which is what we got in the other trailers.

We see Tony Stark talk about how he build Ultron and talk about how important the Avengers are, Seen it and seen it.

Then some distractions of cities…again.

Then we see in one scene that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are bad guys, but then we see that Scarlet Witch is fighting with The Avengers against Ultron’s army. Telling us that they will infact be good at the end of this film.


So the plot of the film is that a bay guy, who is connected to one of the Avengers, gets super powers then builds an army to destroy the human race.

Well that sound’s like a rather, wait a MINUTE!

The first Avengers movie was about a bad guy who had connections with another Avengers who gets super powers and an army to destroy the human race.

How much do you wanna bet that the ending is them destroying Ultron and by that deactivates his robot army.

So if you liked the first Avengers movie then you’ll love this film, because it’s the same movie with darker undertones.

Plus they whole Vision sneek peek at the end, I honestly went, “Oh my Vision.”

It’s nothing, I’m people who don’t now comics were like, “What was that?”


So was I BLOWN AWAY by this trailer. No, not even close. I’m more excited about the possibility of a STAR WARS trailer being played before this movie!