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Back to the Future, how I think they could bring it back.

bttf-animated-gif-01 So Back to the Future is hands down my favorite trilogy. Star Wars is good but I never liked Jedi, and with Lord of the Rings Return of the King didn’t do it for me. Back to the Future however got me hooked with all three films, the third one is my 2nd favorite. So like many films from the 80’s this one has been talked about getting remade or rebooted. There was a TV show, and a video game that continued the story along. However Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have both stated that a Back to the Future IV will never happen and can’t happen with out them giving the go ahead with any story. No_Part_IV

That being said I don’t want them to do a remake of this franchise, cause the idea of doing it in modern times and having them maybe go back to the 80’s has already been done in the Hot Tub Time Machine movie. Also having them go back to the 90’s is to close and even if they did would the only thing different be the year? These films are meant to be a three part story, so are you just gonna remake all three then? That’s why if they did a JJ Abrams Star Trek style reboot I think it could work.

Let’s start off my saying that the film will not be called Back to the Future part IV. It would have to be something like “Back in Time”, or if you want to go cheesy “Back to the Past”, and the tagline could be “Where their going there are roads.”

So here’s the plot:

The film be set in the 90’s, since we see in the 2nd film that the future of the 2015 is something out of a Jules Vern Novel (teehee). It’s also the summer time. We learn that Doc Brown’s old house is for sale, this is because he’s been gone for so long. The previous owners who purchased the house and kept it up have decided to sell it.

So a new family movies in. The family consists of a Mother, 20 something year-old son, and a teenage daughter. They just moved into town cause the mother got a job offer to as Principle of Hill Valley High School, its current principle Mr. Strickland is retiring. He mentions to her about how DISCIPLINE has been his main goal all these years as principle.

We see that the family’s old son has gotten a job working at Biff Tannen’s Auto Trading Company, saving up money for college. Biff’s son Biff Jr. is just like he’s old man when he was a teenager. Even call’s people Butt head.

The father had passed away a few years prior from a tumor that was found to late, the daughter is still sad for the loss of her father cause they were close. Also since her mom works a lot she doesn’t have a close relationship with her.

The teenage daughter is at home all day listening to music and watching MTV, just trying to enjoy her summer and missing her old friends. She decided to look around their new gauge/work area. It’s there that she see’s a lot of Doc’s old inventions and notes. We see the drawing for the flux capacitor and brainwave reader from the first film. She tells her parents about what she found, saying that maybe the previous owner was a scientist. The parents say to look and see what she can find and maybe they can have a yard sale, and what ever is made she can have some of the money. The son complains about working with Biff’s son saying he does nothing but take credit for his work and his dad is a the same.

As the story continues we see the Teenage Girl starting to go threw the stuff in the Garage, packing things in boxes. She goes in the kitchen to get a coke when she hears something in the garage. She grabs a bat and walks inside, she then finds a boy, who appears to be in his late teens, going threw the boxes. She threatens to call the police, but the boy explains that he’s not a thief. He’s just looking for his fathers notes. So she decides to listen to him. The boy explains that the house use to belong to his father who was a scientist named Doctor Emmett Brown.

The boy’s name is Jules L. Brown, he says that he needs to find his fathers notes that were left here when he went back in time. The girl stops him and asks him to repeat what he just said, he then tell her about the events of the 1st film about how his father invented a time machine and how it all went array. At first she doesn’t believe him and say’s she’s calling the cops. So he asks her what year it is, she says the year and he uses his watch to look up what happen later on in that time period. He says if that happens, then you know I’m telling the truth. He then leaves and says that if she wants to help and know more to meet him at the Clint Eastwood Ravine tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.

Well sure enough what Jules said would happen, happens. So the girls meets him at the ravine. Jules explains to her that at some point in this time period his father’s notes get into the wrong hands and cause a chain reaction that changes the timeline of existence. He needs to find those notes before that happens. The girl agrees to help Jules, she then ask’s him how he traveled in time. He then takes her over to where he has hidden the device that has sent in back in time. It’s a DeLorean much like the one from the previous films. He then tells her that the machine is a replica of what his father made years ago, but it still has some bugs to it. Explaining how before this he almost went to the time of the dinosaurs. So its not the best right now for time travel but he was able to get to this time period OK.

However by the time they make it back to her house she sees that her parents have started the yard sale and have already sold some of the items. The girl asks if they could use the time machine to go back minutes before the items were sold to find who got what. Jules explains that if they go back they risk the chance of bumping into a another version of them and plus the short time jumps could cause damage to the Time Machine since it’s not use to time travel so much. Now both Jules and the girl have to figure out who has what, which leads to Biff seeing the DeLorean and also finding out that his son bought some of the boxes with Doc’s notes.

They soon find out Biff Jr. has them and uses what small inventions of Doc’s that were in some boxes to cause havoc around Hill Valley. To SPOIL the ending for you, they get back all of Doc’s things and the timeline is back in place.

By his point there are some romantic connections going on with Jules and the girl, however Jules must go back to give his father his things. Jules says goodbye and leaves.

The girl then wakes up the next morning to find that her father is alive again! She’s both happy and confused. They still live in Hill Valley and her mother still has the job she came for, but whats new is that her father his alive and her brother is going off to college cause he got a full ride scholarship.

Later on she goes to Eastwood Ravine to look back and remember all what has happen in the last few days. That’s when she hears Jules voice calling to her, “Time sure is a funny thing isn’t it?” The turns to see Jules and runs over to give him a hug. She tells him everything new that has happen. Jules plays it off like he doesn’t know already. She asked him if he had something to do with this. All Jules does is smile. He tells her that he can’t stay long is has some more things he needs to do, that’s when he asks her to come with him. She’s not sure about, he tells her, “I promise I won’t take up much of your time.” They both smile and she gets in the car.

At this moment we see Biff driving around in his truck, listening to Huey Lewis and the News. Right then Jules turns the hover on for the car and it begins to fly. Biff sees this and remembers when he saw a similar one in 1985. So he starts chasing it on the ground. Inside the car we see the girl looking out her window in amazement.

Biff is watching the flying DeLorean, but looks in front of him for a second and sees a manure truck in the road. He screams and turns the car, but the drivers side hits the manure. We see a close up shot with all the manure in the car and Biff screams out, “I HATE MANURE!”

As he screams Jules and the girl BLAST into the future…or the past.

So there you have it, my idea for a Back to the Future reboot/retelling!

It keeps true to the original I think and it doesn’t redo what the first film did story wise. Like I said this is all just my thoughts and my opinion. Who know’s if we’ll ever see another Back to the Future film on the big screen again. Even if we don’t, we still have three awesome films to watch anytime we want….and GO BACK IN TIME!!!!


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