Daredevil TV Show Spoiler Rant!


So I finished watching the Daredevil show in Netflix and I have to say that this is the best Marvel TV show to date. Agents of Shield is pretty much just around to help promote all the new Marvel movies, and I like Agent Carter but Daredevil brought what DC shows on the CW have given us.

That being said, this first season of Daredevil is a carbon copy of the first season of Arrow, and the first season of Arrow was a ripoff of the story line of Batman Begins.

Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil is far better then Ben Affleck’s version, but this is now the time of Arrow and darker tones, and not Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Vincent D’Onofrio was a good choice of Kingpin, but I really was bored by his character when he wasn’t getting super angry. I hope with the 2nd season they flesh him out more and make him more of an evil guy.


With the side characters you have Foggy Nelson who was our Tommy Merlyn¬†of the show, Karen Page who is our Felicity Smoak, and Rosario Dawson who was very under used in this show. I didn’t like how the love story between her and Daredevil just happened. I also was not a fan of her character, she’s now only there to help stick Daredevil up after a bad fight, which now that’s not going to be happening much since he has his suit now.

That two deaths in this show that really just upset me the most was Wesley and Ben the reporter. I know Wesley was solely created for the show, but not only was he one of the best characters; he died like a bitch! He put down a loaded gun on a table to answer a phone and show taken out by a secretary. Then Ben Urich, who is a main character in the comics, gets killed by Kingpin. I’ll admit, his character was not written well at all and his death will do little to nothing to season 2’s plot.

Then last we have Scott Glenn as Stick, Matt Murdock’s trainer for about a week until he leaves because young Matte gave him an ice cream wrapper as a way to say thank you.


It felt like when writing this character the producers really wished that they could have brought David Carradine back from the dead to play this role. So since that’s impossible, they got his doppelganger Scott Glenn instead, and my god does he just phone in his performance. It’s like he showed up on set, said his lines, watched his stunt man fight, and then left to go cash his check.¬†There’s even a line after Matt tells Foggy that he was trained by Stick where the Foggy character makes a KUNG-FU joke, show you again how the producers really wished that Carradine had not died.

All in all, Arrow season 2 did it better. I don’t know if I’ll watch season 2 when its released, I’ll have to wait for the promos.

That being said, this is the coolest scene in the whole show! One camera shot, Old Boy fighting style!