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Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK aka Attack of the 50 Foot Animals!


Just watched the trailer for Disney’s new Jungle Book film, and I have some major issues with it.

One being that all the animals in this film are F’n Giants!!!

No seriously, Mowglie is like 4 feet tall and all the animals are like something out of Skull Island. Saa’s head is as big as Mowglie’s body. He looks like the snake from Anaconda!


Also King Louie is pretty much King Kong in this film. All the other apes are semi size realistic, so why make Louie a giant orangutan?


At times Baloo looks HUGE and other times he looks normal sized.

I just feel like this film was directed more by Tim Burton then Jon Favreau. Watch the trailer and tell me you don’t see that this could me mistaken for a Tim Burton Disney film.

Also I’m not in love with the cast.

Bill Murray as Baloo, I’ve seen movies where he does voice overs and its not very exciting. Bill Murray at best is very monotone. That’s why he’s so funny, he’s the calm dude in the sea of crazy.

Baloo is free spirit and full of energy!

Ben Kinglsey as Bagheera is OK, I mean is going to be Ben Kinglsey playing Ben Kinglsey as Begheera so not really pumped for that.

Idris Elba as Shere Kahn, he has a good voice but I can see him hamming it up a bit.

Christopher Walken as King Louie will be Christopher Walken playing Christopher Walken as King Louie.

and then there Scarlett Johansson as Saa. Cause why the hell not.

Honestly I’m more excited for Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book Origins.


Andy Serkis as Baloo, he already proved with is voice work in Tin Tin that he can give a fun performance in several vocal ranges.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan, He already as played a Khan and in my opinion was great! He did a fantastic job with Smaug and I think he’s voice is perfect for this character. Because Shere Khan is cocky and full of himself and similar to Smaug in many ways.

Christian Bale as Bagheera, Bale was more a soft calmer tone to his voice. Which is what that character is. He’s not the wise old animal that leads Mowglie through his life, he’s his father. Bale I do think can pull it off.

Cate Blanchett as Kaa, OK why not…

So that’s my thoughts on the new Disney Jungle Book film, I won’t be going to see it but I’m interested to see how it turns out.


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