Oliver Queen is Casey Jones!

It’s official, Stephen Amell, TV’s ARROW, will be playing the Ninja Turtles hokey masked ally Casey Jones!

Stephen Amell went on Facebook and Twitter to announce the news.


I think this an awesome choice for Casey Jones! Amell already made Green Arrow a bad ass and I can’t wait to see he’s take on this character.¬†Elias Koteas did a great job as Casey Jones in the first TMNT film in the 90’s, and he was even good in the 3rd film. Now Koteas played the character as a smart-ass bad ass, Amell can be a fighter but lets be honest, Oliver Queen is not a wise ass cracking jokes. I mean even if he wanted to he can’t when Central City PD is after him!

Although if you watch interviews or his Facebook videos you can see that as a person he does have a lighter side, and what’s also good is that he gets REALLY into the character he plays and gets lost in it.

I am worried that he might play this character similar to how he plays the Arrow, I want him to have fun and unwind a bit with this character. I mean he’s going to be fighting Bebop and Rocksteady along side four green talking turtles. Don’t be to serious man.


I’m just worried about the story, thanks to “the fans” the Shredder story got all messed up. I want to see Eric Sacks become the Shredder and have him work with Baxter Stockman to make him have mutant powers and bring in KRANG since April said that the mutant was from outer space, also known as Dimension X. I liked the first film, I even like the 3rd film. If its Ninja Turtles or Star Wars, or even Power Rangers I’ll go see it in Theaters.

In conclusion, Stephen Amell as Casey Jones is awesome news! Differently makes me more excited for the sequel!