Spaceballs II: The Schwartz Rises

So Mel Brooks said that if he were to make another Spaceballs film, he would release it when SW EP.8 opens so that way he could get some of that SW CASH!

Now this is most likely will never happen, but if it did this is how I would write it.

We cut to 30 years since the original films story line. Planet Spaceball has been liberated from the evil spaceball empire. President Skroob as begun to rebuild with his new right handed man Lord Silver Helmet. Lonestar has disappeared, and Princess Vespa is now Queen of Druidia.

Bring back Bill Pullman as Lone Star and Daphne Zuniga as Princess Vespa, who’s now Queen of Druidia.

with Sara Silverman as the new droid i-Mac7.

Cast Audrey Plaza as the daughter of Vespa and Lone Star. Plaza’s character is also looking for her father after the evil Spaceballs start attacking once again.

Plaza and i-Mac7 bump into Jay Pharoah’s character who is looking for Lone Star cause of the bounty on his head by Don Pappa-Jon. They both decide to team up and look for a pilot. that’s where we see Barf’s son Chunks played by Bobby Moynihan who’s a Pilot of the famous Winnebago.

Through their travels Plaza’s character starts sensing something, following leads they go to Planet Hollywood to meet with Yogurt. Who is now living off the merchandise from the first film, he then tells Plaza that she is strong with the Schwartz like her father.

As for the villains I would cast Charlie Day as the new Dark Helmet called Lord Silver Helmet, and the joke is that you make fun of his voice box and make it sound like a bad fast food voice box. So he has to open his helmet to be heard correctly. I would also cast Ben Schwartz, who was one of the voices of BB-8, as the Gen Hux type character. I’d make him a bit flamboyant also. Then of course you have to bring Mel Brooks back as the Supreme Leader Skroob who is now disfigured from a bad plastic surgery to seem younger.

You can have shameless cameos from Star Wars actors and other celebrities.

Hire Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney and Taran Killam, and Key & Peele to write the film.

I think if done well this could be the spoof movie that redeems the bad spoof movies we have been given.