A Hologram for the King aka Tom Hanks gets a paycheck


The trailer for Tom Hanks new film A Hologram for the King dropped like a rotten egg on the kitchen floor. This trailer is horrible, the whole thing feels like a 90’s rom-com…a bad one at that. The editing of this trailer is all over the place, first it looks like a road movie, then a buddy film, next a romance film. The finish project could have all these elements in it, but for a trailer it pretty much told you the whole film. Plus it gives away the possible twist ending where the cabby is most likely the King.

I never heard of the book this is based on, but it seems to me that is an adaptation that will not translate well to the big screen.

Hanks is one of the producers on the film, and the director is the same from Cloud Atlas which also started Hanks and was a stinker!

The whole premise is stupid to begin with. Hanks places a character that sells a hologram meeting program. So he travels to the middle east to meet with a King, hence the name of the film. Along the way he meets a cabby, who’s the King just watch and see, the town people, makes jokes about the CIA, and he meets a Nurse who he falls in love with. How do I know all this? CAUSE THE TRAILER GAVE IT ALL AWAY!!!

I think this was a films Hanks was doing in between his Ron Howard or Spielberg films. The film will make its money back when they sell the film, but I doubt it will make a large profit.