Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Review


Friday night I saw Captain America Civil War in theaters, which like how in the original Star Trek films Wrath of Kahn, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home are called a trilogy. This film along with Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, make up an Avengers trilogy of sorts.

I was actually a fan of the first Captain America film and Winter Soldier is my favorite MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE film to date. Winter Soldier was a good film outside of the MCU, and it help change the look and feel of the films that came after.

When the news came out that the 3rd Captain America film would be semi based on the acclaim graphic novel CIVIL WAR, I was excited to see two of the MCU’s biggest heroes duel in  battle of right and wrong. Then Spider-Man and Ant-Man were announced to make an appearance in the film. Which OK I get why Ant-Man was in it, his film did good and Paul Rudd is a face people know. Plus he was in the comic. Spider-Man how ever always felt forced to me. Since SONY messed up another Spider-Man film they made a deal with the MCU to use the character in this film.

Let me get to the real SPOILER part of this blog:

The film begins in 1991, where we see the Winter Soldier being sent out on a mission to take out a car and steal some medical bags, we are never told really what these thing are. We learn later that its the same stuff Steve Rogers was given that made him Cap. America. Although, the only person who knew how to make that was the scientist who was murdered in the first Cap. America film. I guess they somehow found notes and recreated it? Also after we see Stark’s hologram of his parents leaving, and then clips of the night Winter Soldier look out the car in 91′, it was obvious that it was Tony’s parents who were in the car. Meaning Bucky killed his parents. Now this is not revealed to Tony until the very end of the film.

The whole motivation of the film to why Tony decides to sign the Sokovia Accords, is because a mom happens to be below a university waiting to meet him and show him a picture of her dead son. Who was killed in Sokovia.

We also get to see our “villain” for the film Zemo, what a waste of another MARVEL villain. He kills a former Soviet General who had worked on the Winter Soldier project we saw in the beginning. He’s motivation for killing people, is cause is wife and kids were killed in Sokovia. Really? So that’s why he killed Black Panther’s father and several others? We find out through Bucky that the stuff he stole from Tony’s dad was used to create more Winter Soldiers like him. They were all frozen and Zemo finds them, and what does he do when he finds them? He shoots them in the end and plays a videos showing Tony that Bucky killed his folks. How he knew Tony would show up, who knows.

Another wasted villain was Crossbones. Here’s a character we saw in Winter Soldier that is a big Captain America villain. In this film we see that he has a team that breaks into a building and steals a bio weapon. He then blows himself up, trying to kill Cap in the process. He’s stopped my Scarlet Witch, but she throws him towards a building with people…whoops.

How I would have done this film story is so:

Start it in 1991 like how the film does, with Bucky being told the lines that put him in a trance. We then see him Attack the car and taking the super serum.

We then cut to present day at the funeral of Peggy Carter. There is Cap, Falcon, Tony, Hank Pym and his daughter, Scott Lang, Black Widow, and the rest of the Avengers minor Hawkeye, Thor and Bruce. Like in the film we see we find out that Agent 13 Sharon Carter is related to Peggy. That an her an Cap have been romantic lately. It can be here where we have Ant-Man and Falcon reunite, Hank meeting Tony. and then Black Widow telling Cap that Crossbones is attacking a city in Africa.

Now this cam mirror what happens in the film a bit. What I would add is that along with Crossbones are these group of super like soldiers, who speak in Russian, are working along side him. They attack the center of disease control and try to steal a bio weapon. The Avengers like in the film stop them. They’re mission fails, but this group of super soldiers destroy a building killed many people. Crossbones and his team escape.

Like the film we cut to Tony’s hologram with his folks, but instead of him talking to a university we have him talking to a High School. He can be going on a tour, visiting High Schools and offering one lucky person a grant. There he can meet Peter Parker as he leaves and they have a mini conversation. Camera crews are out when a woman walks up to him acting like a mom who’s son is interested in the grant, only to reveal that her son was killed in Sokovia and his dreams died with him. Having this be LIVE on television we see Tony’s reaction and the worlds as well.

Much like in the film again, Gen. Ross meets with the Avengers and has then now working for the UN, which Tony agrees with and Roger saying no. We add in some lines to Cap about how can they trust Ross to not take advantage of the Avengers powers when he himself created an Abomination. Echo back the The Incredible Hulk film.

Cap now working with Falcon alone on this decides that he needs to find Bucky and see if he knows anything about these Russian speaking super soldiers. Bucky is still a wanted criminal though, so if caught he will go to jail.

We also find out that crossbones and the super soldiers are working for Baron Heinrich Zemo, who like in the film uses the information Black Widow leaked out to find out about the super soldiers and the Winter Soldier projects. We see Cap and Iron Man try to convince each other who’s right. We’re then joined by Black Panther, who is there to sign the Sokova Accords like in the film, when its attacked. Also like the film Bucky is blamed for it, when in reality it was the super soldiers and Zemo. They blame the attacks on Bucky and the governments of the world go after him. Its at this point someone leaked to Tony that Bucky killed his parents and wants him dead. With Cap knowing this the whole time, like in the film, after the events at the warehouse in Winter Soldier.

From this point we see a similar situations shown in the film. But Vision is also being held prisoner in the Avengers base, to not only protect Scarlet Witch who he likes, but because Tony feels responsible for his creation and makes a deal to make him safe. It didn’t make any sense to be why they would be afraid of Scarlet Witch and not the thing created by Ultron. We see a fight scenes between Cap and Crossbones mixed in. Zemo, like in the film, uses the soviet mind control on Bucky. Which still works on him. However as the film gets closer to the end Bucky is able to over come it and break the trance for good. He doesn’t get re frozen like in the film…that was stupid.

Also when Tony meets Peter Parker, he tells him he got selected for the scholarship and that he knows he’s the hero known as Spider-Man. So that differs a bit from the film.

The film ends with Captain, Bucky, and Iron Man fighting to the death. Its at this point where Tony knows that Zemo was behind it all, but is so taken over by anger still tries to Kill Bucky. Its also reveled that Zemo is actually Red Skull. After the events of the first film, the Tesseract sent him to where Thanos is. There he tells him of his world and Thanos uses him to help take over earth. Captain is about to pretty much kill Tony, after Iron man when a shot rings out. Its Crossbones, he snipes Cap killing him. Tony holds his dying body, as he looks out to where the shot came from. Bucky is cleared of all charges of the bombings, but is arrested for the crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier.

The film ends as it began, with a funeral. All the Avengers are there and Tony gives the eulogy. The Sokovia Accords go into effect. With the Avengers now part of the government, and some of the team is still in prison.

The first after credit scene is the Spider-Man one that was shown at the end of the film.

The after-credit scene is instead pays homage to the first Iron Man film. Tony walks into his house and much like how Nick Fury showed up in the dark, this time its Star Lord and the introduction is similar to that of Nick Fury. Tony is defensive and shoots his Iron Man hand glove at him. Star Lord moves out of the way and tells Tony that a darker force is coming.


So that’s my rant about Civil War and how I would have rewritten some parts.

If you haven’t scene the film, go watch it and make your own opinions.


Batman v Superman, why so much hate?


I saw Batman v Superman opening day and I really liked it. Now the editing was a bit off at times, but i was drawn back in after those transitions.

People really have a problem with Superman, and how he was so dark and not the Donner Style of Superman. Well this is not the Donner world, remember that world later had Superman 3 and the Quest for Peace. This Superman was brought into a dark world, the type of world we live in now. He comes to this planet, stained and having to hid his powers that as a kid change him. He has to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts, lazer eyes, this is a kid who growing up will have issues. He then loses his father who sacrifice his life to keep his son safe. Cut to years later he grows up and a bad guy from the past returns, attacks his mother, and his city. Causing death and destruction, he has to fight both them and our government. Then it comes down to him having to kill Zod to save humans, something that still haunts him. Which also shows the humans that Superman is willing to kill if he has to, even if its for “good”.

Also people are upset that Superman as killed at the end. We have to remember that even though this is the 2nd time we’ve seen this adaptation of Superman, he’s been on this planet for 3 years. Earth in this film has had Superman flying around for 3 years. In that 3 years he has had happy go-lucky-times with Lois and his life. When we come to this part of his life Batman is becoming more violent, and the government his coming down harder on him.

Then you come to Lex and many say he had no real purpose to attack Superman and Batman. He says in the film that his father lived a time where people threw flowers at dictators. He does not want to see that, so his plan is to kill Superman using Batman. Lex of course has a plan going past the death of Superman so he needs Batman out of the way. Which means ether they kill each other of as we see at the end Superman kills Batman and Doomsday kills Superman. The way to kill Doomsday after he kills Superman is with kryptonite, like how they do in the film. So Lex plans on having both Superman and Batman out of the picture anyway he can. If Superman did not die in the end I would have felt like it had no ending. He needed to die to redeem himself to the humans and for Batman to go back to his old ways.

I also liked how they introduced the future Justice League members. The Flash was cool, his speed force is more like real lightning, Aquaman was cool, and Cyborg was interesting because I really like that he’s a member of this team. Now I don’t know how a solo movie of him will work. Even the logos made by Lex Corp was OK with me, it didn’t take me out of the film. If we had seen that in an animated version no one would have a problem with it.

Now we come to the part everyone makes fun of. MARTHA! People are so mad that by Superman saying his mother’s name is also Martha makes him and Batman friends. No, the name does throw Batman off cause he thinks he’s talking about his mother at first and gets mad. Its when Lois tells him that Lex has his mother, who is named Martha. That’s when batman realizes that both him and Superman have been getting played. So he goes saves Superman’s mom and has Superman go fight Lex.

I will not understand why fans hate this film, it was good and I will be owning the uncut bluray!

The worst movie of 2015 was…


Yep that’s right, the unnecessary and unfunny sequel/reboot to the classic Vacation series.

I did not laugh one in this film, I’m sorry I did laugh when Chevy Chase was on screen…for less then 10 mins.

Ed Helms is awful in the role of Rusty Griswold. He works great as a side character like in the Hangover, but he’s not a main lead comedian. Nothing he does in this film even came close to what Chase did in the other films.

Christina Applegate was a waste of a talented comedic actress. She was the strait-actor to Helms idiot character. Beverly D’Angelo did better in the wife character role, and has aged better then Chase.

The kids in this film are the WORST characters in this film. The older brother is not funny at all and really just a sad character. Then the little brother was written so poorly, he was mean and vulgar for the sake of being just that. There is a seen where the whole family is singing and the little brother just calls his brother something vulgar for no reason…I don’t remember what it was cause I’ve blocked most of this film out of my brain.

There’s also these two subplots that re introduced that go nowhere. One has to do with a rival pilot played by…ugh WHY did this actor sign on to do this movie! Ron Livingston of Office Space and Band of Brothers…Ron how did they drag you into this film? So in the beginning of the film we see this one-shot scene where I guess the Helms and Ron characters have some bitter rivalry. It’s never mention again till the end of the film, and even then it sort of just begins and ends like in 2 seconds.

The other useless subplot is the other brother’s love interest. She pops up here and there through out the film, its cute scenes but it has no pay off. I thought they were going to have it where she was the daughter of Ron Livingston…nope her character was just some random girl.

Then we get our 2nd…no 5th Handed Cousin Eddie family with Thor and Leslie Mann. Leslie Mann plays the same character she always plays in comedy films…so not funny. Thor is your new Cousin Eddie, he lives in Plano, Texas. Being from the area I can say that’s no where in Plano, Texas I’ve ever seen. And of course he plays it was the stereotypical Texan, with movie cowboy shirts, has long horn on his ranch house property, and everything looks like the inside of a Cavenders store. If you don’t know what that is, google it. He’s not funny in the slightest, and the big dick joke falls flat…”pun”. It makes me worried for his performance in the upcoming Ghost Busters reboot. Actually this whole film makes me worried for that film!

Looking back there is one scene besides the Chevy Chase scenes that made me giggle. This one has to do with the cameo by Daryl Dixon himself. Watch and see if you giggle a bit.

In conclusion I’ll say this, go watch the original films and skip this piece of garbage that spit on the memory of Harold Ramis and John Hughes.

Roger Moore Bond films, where did it go wrong?


Sean Connery in my opinion is, and was, the best actor to play James Bond. I even liked NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, even as Connery got older and was given a few more gadgets it still seemed plausible. So after Connery decided not to re-return as Bond, we were given Roger Moore. Now a lot have said that Roger Moore is the worst Bond, I think that the early Moore films in the 70’s were OK.

LIVE AND LET DIE: This is the black exploration Bond film, with the word “Honky” thrown around a lot, and pimps as bad guys. Yaphet Kotto as Mr. Big was a funny Bond villain, you can tell that he had a fun time. Jane Seymour was a great Bond Girl, she played well along side Moore. Director Guy Hamilton has previous directed Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and then The Man with the Golden Gun. I enjoyed all those films and the cast. The only parts about this movie that was stupid was how they killed Mr. Big. Bond. Bond feeds him a pellet and he expands and blows up. Which I guess is more exciting then how he was killed n the book, eaten by sharks. For reason almost all Bond villains use Sharks to kill people. What also pulls you out of the film is the Buford T. Justice knock-off we get in a Louisiana Sheriff, he’s the worst part about the film hands down. He’s right out of a Dolemite movie.

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN: One the best Moore Bond movies. In this film we get the late-great Christopher Lee as our main bad guy. Much like Christopher Walken, and Christoph Waltz, Lee was born to play a Bond Villain. Hervé Villechaize played the henchmen Nick Nack and is right up there with Odd Job as one of the best Henchmen in a Bond film. They story was sort of simple, Lee plays a hit-man and teams up with an Asian criminal to control the only free energy source in the world. This film is the most non-silliest Bond film. However it gets silly for a moment when we see another appearance by Buford T. Justice, there’s no point for him to be in the film, he does nothing to push the plot.

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME: This is the last Bond movie with Moore that was good, after this film they rest began to get dumb. We get an interesting Spy movie with the UK and Russia teaming up to stop someone from stealing their subs. What I liked most about this film is JAWS, he’s the best part about this movie. Directed by Lewis Gilbert, who directed  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and later MOONRAKER. The Bond villain we get is a bad person, but he does not see himself in that way. He’s not looking to take over the world, or gain any money. All he wants to do is make the world covered in water, and begin a new society. Its crazy and insane, which is why he makes a great Bond villain…that and he has Sharks.

MOONRAKER: Now we are getting to where the Moore Bond films start to fall short. Both the plot of this film and the previous one are the same. Bond must fight a bad guy who wants to destroy the modern world to create a new world somewhere else. The previous film being under water, and this film being Outer Space. Again JAWS is the big henchmen of the film, however in this film they ruin what was an cool bad guy by making him a good guy. We get the same ending as in the previous film, that one being that Bond is caught in bed with the Russian Spy by M, and in this film he is caught in bed with the American Spy by M. Honestly the film didn’t get terrible till the Space Battle at the end…dumb.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: This could have been the film that redeemed what MOONRAKER did to the franchise. You had all the elements for a good Bond film. The bad guy was perfect, played by Julian Glover from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The plot of revenge and murder is great for a Bond film. Then you get the underwater fight with the iron man suit guy. I feel like they shot that scene with serious intentions, but it was so silly looking that it comes off slow and dumb. The fight on the Mountain was good, then again it gets silly when the Russian General comes to get computer and Bond throws it over a cliff. The Russian General just laughs, shrugs his shoulders and walks away. So dumb.

OCTOPUSSY: Moore is getting to old for this shit, the plot of the film is actually quite good. Its just the dumb effects and antics that ruin the film. The Tarzan yell when Bond swings from vines is when the Moore franchise died. It doesn’t matter how good the plot may sound, James Bond’s Moore ruins it. At one point he slides down a banister shooting bad guys, but not in a cool way. He has a scared look on his face the whole time. If that was Bronson he would look pissed and angry while sliding down shooting. The green screen effects are also not that terrible as they could have been.There’s is one blooper I caught when the Knife wheeling bad guy is fighting with Bond on top of the plane, as he bad guy get kicked off the plane you can see the stunt man is wearing a parachute. The ending is stupid also, feels like they just through together an ending.

A VIEW TO A KILL: The final Bond film with Moore, The main problem with this film is that I can’t see 57 year-old Moore as Bond. When Connery played an older it worked cause they played on that factor. I would consider this the BATMAN AND ROBIN of the James Bond franchise. You have a scene where Bond is snow boarding down a hill and they start playing The Beach Boys California Girls…during an action scene. Then it just fades away and back to action scenes and close ups of Moore on a studio lot or a BAD green screen. Also Roger Moore’s eyes look scary and Moneypenny as not aged well. Director John Glenn also made both previous bond film FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and OCTOPUSSY, but what surprises me is that this is the same director of both the Dalton Bond films. Those two films were the ones that brought Bond back from the ridiculous. The plot of the film is not thought out well, with Walken being a product of Nazi research as a child, who’s plan is to destroy Silicon Valley so he can be the #1 micro chip seller in the world. Makes no sense, but what ever. The Bond girls we are given act so wooden, its hard to watch this film to be honest.

So in conclusion, the three Moore Bond movies to watch are the first three. Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, and The Spy Who Loved Me. The others you can skip cause they don’t hold water, especially when it comes to the Dalton films.


“AGE OF ULTRON” new footage!

After all the news MARVEL dropped on us yesterday, last nights episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD gave us a new clip from AGE OF ULTRON. It was part a scene shown at this years COMIC CON where we see the whole team, including Rhodey and Marie hill (but no Falcon?), and there’s also some mystery woman sitting next to THOR. From what I’ve read online is that it’s not Natalie Portman, and they are keeping her hidden in this new clip.

What’s so refreshing about this clip is that we get to see THE AVENGERS laugh and relax as a team together. I know some people were complaining that the teaser trailer was to dark, so this may calm them down. It was a really funny clip and just makes me more excited to see this film!

The rest of the clip is just a rehash of the teaser with a few new clips of LOKI’s staff and showing the infinity stone.

What do you think of this new footage? Leave your COMMENTS and RANT away!

MARVEL Movie Updates!

With DC’s big roll out announcements a few weeks back, MARVEL has fired back hard! This may be because of the leaked Age of Ultron trailer we got, but the big MARVEL Hollywood press event has given us some KICK ASS news!


Its official that Loki’s staff does contain one of the gems that was talked about in GUARDIANS. I know many speculated that it was and now we know for a fact that it is one.

They also showed some live-action footage of the infinity gauntlet, which we got a glimpse of in the first THOR movie. But from what I read we see that THANOS is holding it. Now this many just be a tease to foreshadow whats to come and not an actual movie scene.

We got the title to AVENGERS 3, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which obviously tell us that the infinity stones and possibly the GUARDIANS will be huge part of that film. Which worries me because I fear that’s to many characters thrown into one movie, but I’m thinking the same for AVENGERS 2 so we’ll see. They will break up AVENGERS 3 into two separate films, May 4, 2018 is Part I and May 3, 2019 is part 2.


We got the official DOCTOR STRANGE logo. I just want to say that NO official announcement was made that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Which means ether he’s not, or he’s in negotiations.


I think we all guessed what the title to Captain America 3 was going to be.


Chris Evens and Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance, which many hope they would. Kevin Feige did say that the CIVIL WAR film will be different from the comic but it will about the superhuman registration act.

Probably one of the biggest news MARVEL gave out was the casting of Chadwick Boseman as BLACK PANTHER.


It’s already rumored that the character that Andy Serkis is playing is a person from the BLACK PANTHER comics so maybe the rumors are true. Chadwick Boseman was a name that was thrown out of the role, I liked him in 42, I heard he was good in both GET ON UP and DRAFT DAY so I have faith that he’ll do a great job in the role!

They released some concept art for BLACK PANTHER and its very similar to how he looks in the comics. Kevin Feige did say that we will see BLACK PANTHER in costume in CAP. 3 and that he will be an influential character in the next AVENGERS movies.


Among some other news we got the title and logo for:


Will this film lead to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY teaming up with THE AVENGERS for INFINITY WAR? THANOS will obviously be the big villain in the film with hopefully Karen Gillan returning as NEBULA.


I wasn’t a huge fan of THOR 2, the first one is still one of my favorite MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE movies. I have to wait and see what happens in AGE OF ULTRON and that THOR storyline.



Now the INHUMANS story may be connected with what’s going on right now on AGENTS OF SHIELD, but that all fan rumors right now. Not much was given on this film, but again they did say more news to come.

Look out for tonight’s episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD, a new full AGE OF ULTRON trailer to be shown with all new footage. I’m sure the trailer will ether be up later tonight or tomorrow for those who will miss it.

So what do you think about this major MARVEL movie drop? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!

Benedict Cumberbatch as DOCTOR STRANGE


Today MARVEL and DISNEY sent an email out saying that tomorrow they were gonna announce some big news at an event in California. Many speculated that it would be more AVENGERS footage, also MARVEL said they were gonna show some more footage for AGE OF ULTRON after this weeks episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD.

Another guesses many people came up with was that they were gonna show ether Ant-Man footage or announced who will be playing DOCTOR STRANGE.


Well according to DEADLINE Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Now there has not been any official announcement from MARVEL on whether this is true or not, but Cumberbatch’s name was one of the contenders to play the role of STEPHEN STRANGE, which got a call out cameo in WINTER SOLDER.


Other names that were thrown out were Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, and Joaquin Phoenix. One actor that I knew really wanted to play the part was Patrick Dempsey, he’s a fan of the character and I could see him in the role.

Cumberbatch though is on a hot streak with SHERLOCK, STAR TREK, and now his potential Oscar best actor nomination for THE IMITATION GAME. I can see why MARVEL and DISNEY would wan’t to go with him, one he’s a terrific actor and second he was one of those iconic voices We saw, or better yet heard, that in THE HOBBIT.

detail (1)

Again though MARVEL has not officially announced that Cumberbatch is DOCTOR STRANGE, but if they do there’s still another thing to consider. Will a DOCTOR STRANGE movie work, or will it flop?

What do you think about this news? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!

“Interstellar” will it be good?


So disclaimer I have not seen INTERSTELLAR yet, but I’ve watched all the trailers and I’ll be honest I’m not hooked. Yes the visuals look cool and the shots are well done, but I fear that story wise its gonna fail.

I’ve read some reviews on the film and people are saying that, “While script elements loosely hold the film together, it doesn’t undercut Nolan’s gift for spectacle”, and, “the exploration of the stars may require some patience, both with its pace and your own capability of understanding complex time/space theories, but it offers an incredible emotional payoff along with its visual spectacle.”


I’ll go see it never the less because I want to make my own opinion on the film, but these were the fears I had for the film by just watching the trailers. Now I’m not asking to give us the whole movie, I hate when trailers do that, but again besides the cool shots nothing about those trailers really drew me in. I get that Matthew McConaughey is a dramatic actor now, I may get hate for saying this but I did not like Dallas Buyers Club or his performance in it, but I just don’t buy that he’s an astronaut. Maybe if the launch was sponsored my LINCOLN it would be more believable.


Anne Hathaway seems so out of place to me. She looks worried and whimsical in the trailers, I’m almost expecting her to break out in a solo song…”A dreeeam a dreeeam of Space gone byyyyy! To boldly go where no ones goooone!”


I can tell also that Jessica Chastain is going to play the older version of McConaughey’s daughter, which is what I thought was gonna happen. As they travel threw space everyone on earth is aging.

What also worries me is that the last few films I saw about space and space traveling have been in my opinion BAD! PROMETHEUS and OBLIVION were so lack lusting, the writing was horrible. The visuals were done well, but it lacked in plot.

Now When I saw the trailers for INCEPTION I was like, “psh, its all happening in his mind, none of this is real.” Which I was wrong. Well that depends on who you ask, damn spinning top.

In conclusion, INTERSTELLAR is most likely be a visual eye candy film with a plot that only Stephen Hawkings could understand and then tell us how its wrong, or Neil deGrasse Tyson ether one.



Yes once again just a few hours after I posted that the trailer for Age of Ultron was leaked and was taken down, MARVEL has just said, “FAAAAAC IT”, and posted the teaser up.

So if you haven’t seen the trailer here it is!

What do you think of the 1st official trailer of Age of Ultron? Are you excited, leave a COMMENT and RANT below!


8 hours after I posted my blog on the upcoming AGE OF ULTRON teaser trailer being released next week with AGENTS OF SHIELD someone has leaked the teaser trailer, and before I could post the link in this blog…they took it down.

But, here are some stills from the trailer revealing what ULTRON and the HULKBUSTER looks like.


So for those who didn’t get a chance to see the video let me describe it for you…


All my worries over this sequel was that can it keep that cool comic book feel like AVENGERS, but have that new edgy real feeling THE WINTER SOLDER had. The answer is a big FUCK YEAH!

When the teaser begins we hear James Spader’s voice as Ultron, we then see snips of what looks like a war going on. We see The Avengers and they look warn out and beaten. Bruce Banner is curled up in a blanket on the floor.

We then see our first view of ULTRON, he looks like a disembodied Iron Man suit, You can see where the helmet has been torn to show where his eyes and mouth would be, similar to how he looked in the comics. Right off the bat its obvious ULTRON is not going to be at all like the jokester Loki was. This machine is down to destroy everything in his way. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch looks like are going to be working with ULTRON in the film, so we’ll see if by the end they join The Avengers or not. Also we get to see the Hulkbuster in action like I hoped. It shows that Iron Man is actually in the giant suit and for some reason is fighting Hulk. Tony Stark in the teaser is sort of blaming himself for what happens in the film, could this lead to the events in Civil War and CAPTAIN AMERICA 3?Some other things I noticed was a bit clip of Nick Fury and Captain America’s shield broken, which was revealed at COMIC CON. I don’t think any of our heroes are gonna die in this film, I know people were saying that Hawyeye may die in this film but I also heard that he maybe in CAP 3.

So my hopes just got very high for this film. Can’t wait for next April!