Batman v Superman, why so much hate?


I saw Batman v Superman opening day and I really liked it. Now the editing was a bit off at times, but i was drawn back in after those transitions.

People really have a problem with Superman, and how he was so dark and not the Donner Style of Superman. Well this is not the Donner world, remember that world later had Superman 3 and the Quest for Peace. This Superman was brought into a dark world, the type of world we live in now. He comes to this planet, stained and having to hid his powers that as a kid change him. He has to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts, lazer eyes, this is a kid who growing up will have issues. He then loses his father who sacrifice his life to keep his son safe. Cut to years later he grows up and a bad guy from the past returns, attacks his mother, and his city. Causing death and destruction, he has to fight both them and our government. Then it comes down to him having to kill Zod to save humans, something that still haunts him. Which also shows the humans that Superman is willing to kill if he has to, even if its for “good”.

Also people are upset that Superman as killed at the end. We have to remember that even though this is the 2nd time we’ve seen this adaptation of Superman, he’s been on this planet for 3 years. Earth in this film has had Superman flying around for 3 years. In that 3 years he has had happy go-lucky-times with Lois and his life. When we come to this part of his life Batman is becoming more violent, and the government his coming down harder on him.

Then you come to Lex and many say he had no real purpose to attack Superman and Batman. He says in the film that his father lived a time where people threw flowers at dictators. He does not want to see that, so his plan is to kill Superman using Batman. Lex of course has a plan going past the death of Superman so he needs Batman out of the way. Which means ether they kill each other of as we see at the end Superman kills Batman and Doomsday kills Superman. The way to kill Doomsday after he kills Superman is with kryptonite, like how they do in the film. So Lex plans on having both Superman and Batman out of the picture anyway he can. If Superman did not die in the end I would have felt like it had no ending. He needed to die to redeem himself to the humans and for Batman to go back to his old ways.

I also liked how they introduced the future Justice League members. The Flash was cool, his speed force is more like real lightning, Aquaman was cool, and Cyborg was interesting because I really like that he’s a member of this team. Now I don’t know how a solo movie of him will work. Even the logos made by Lex Corp was OK with me, it didn’t take me out of the film. If we had seen that in an animated version no one would have a problem with it.

Now we come to the part everyone makes fun of. MARTHA! People are so mad that by Superman saying his mother’s name is also Martha makes him and Batman friends. No, the name does throw Batman off cause he thinks he’s talking about his mother at first and gets mad. Its when Lois tells him that Lex has his mother, who is named Martha. That’s when batman realizes that both him and Superman have been getting played. So he goes saves Superman’s mom and has Superman go fight Lex.

I will not understand why fans hate this film, it was good and I will be owning the uncut bluray!


Batman v Superman Trailer Review


The new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman film dropped yesterday. We got some incite to the film’s plot, and a few spoilers.

When the trailer opens up we see a press event taking place set up my LexCorp. Clark is there covering the event for the Daily Planet. Then Gotham’s must famous playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne shows up. We get a good look at Ben Affleck’s  Bruce. He’s older, and from the conversation with Clark about the diffrences between Superman and Batman, it looks as if Bruce knows that Clark is The Man of Steel.

We also get a reference to the Joker, you can tell when Affleck says, “Maybe its the Gotham City in me…” you can tell he’s been wanting to say that since childhood!

We then get to see Lex introduce the two hero’s in a very corny fashion. It’s like Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor but as a young man. Although the whole hand shaking line from Lex saying how firm Clark’s was is stupid.

It’s shown that Bruce and Lex have meet in the past, most likely is business passing.

We then get another look into the Batman dream sequence with Superman, cause that’s what it is.

What I thought was interesting is that we get are first bat swear in a movie, “That Son of a Bitch.” I’m sure he must have said “damn” at some point. But throwing at an SOB, this is a more angry, bitter, Batman we are getting.

Lex then says the title of the movie again as he has Lois captured. Which short of shows that he probably knows that Clark is Superman.

Then we get the whole movie RUINED when the studio and the editor of the trailer spoil the surprise plot. We see that Lex is using Zod’s body for some experiments, now we have seen these same things in the previous trailer. What we get to see now is the reveal of DOOMSDAY! Yep, the main villain of the movie and he’s most likely going to be on screen for maybe 20mins. Why show everyone this and not wait to surprise people at the theaters?

Also we get a funny joke between Batman and Superman about Wonder Woman. “She with you?” “I thought she was with you?” ADD LAUGH HERE!

All in all, I liked the trailer. It has its fair share of funny, serious, action, and comic book homage scenes. Will this by past Nolan’s Batman Series in the box office? We shall see, all I know for sure is that nothing is going to beat Star Wars until maybe Captain America: Civil War.

“GOTHAM” The Mask Spoiler Review


So in this episode we get introduced to both Hush and Black Mask. Similar to how Hush is done in the comics he is around the same age as Bruce, but we see in this version that he bullies Bruce and they get into a fight. In the comics they’re friends, now this is the first time we see Hush so they may become friends as the series goes on.


With Black Mask they show him as a business man who hires people by having them fight to the death, and who ever wins gets the job. In the episode he wears a black Japanese mask. Foreshadowing what he will become one day. I was excited when I saw the title to this episode because I’ve been wanting to see a live-action version of Black Mask. So far this show has picked up when it comes to villains origins.

Gotham 108P_1001

The Penguin is getting stronger and stronger, you can see his power in the crime world getting bigger. Fish Mooney really wants to take down Falcone but we don’t really know why. She got some paper that she said could unravel Falcone’s whole operation. However I think Falcone knows that Fish is up to and now that one of her henchmen told Penguin that there’s someone close to Falcone that is working for Fish Mooney.

Barbara is just like Iris on The Flash series, she’s so underwritten and serves no purpose then to be a love interest to out main character.

We get to see Catwoman again, I really hope they explore her character out more. She the only classic Bat Man villain that has no been really explored a lot.

I just can’t wait to see Scarecrow and Hugo Strange!

Scarecrow coming to GOTHAM, sort of…


So the producers of GOTHAM have announced that Scarecrow and Jonathan Crane will make an appearance on the show. However he won’t be the Scarecrow, his father is going to be. Jonathan Crane is going to be the same age as Bruce, in the new comics his father experiment with fear gas and his father tested it on him also.


So ether his father will be a doctor at Arkham Asylum or just some lunatic creating toxic weapons. Arkham is going to be the main story arc around the midseason of GOTHAM.

I ended up liking what they did with Zasaz on the show, and I’m interested to see what they do with the Scarecrow. I just hope they don’t kill the father character off, put him in Arkham or having him escape.

“GOTHAM” Ep. 7 Spoiler Review


Jim Gordon is a BAD ASSSS!

Finally the Jim Gordon we’ve been waiting for, everyone thinks he’s this weak little detective but in reality he can kick some ass! This episode started out strong. We see that The Penguin is growing in the world of organized crime, having his own guys now. We see that Harvey isn’t happy with Gordon that he lied to him. Fish Mooney is also not happy that Oswald is alive because he knows her plan to bring down Falcone. Although I think that Falcone knows that Fish is out to be the top mobster in the city. We get introduced to Victor Zasaz in this episode, he’s an enforcer of Falcone sent to pick up Gordon. I was afraid that they would mess up Zasaz and yes they changed is origin a bit, but we have to also remember this is a prequel series. But he’s a cold blooded killer, we see him kill a hurt cop (and they show it happen point blank range), and then he takes a box cuter and cuts a tally mark in his arm (which they also show and its terrifying).


This is the darkest episode of the season so far. I think once you bring in a character like Zasaz in you’re gonna change things. The Penguin is becoming a more influential figure in GOTHAM’S crime scene. You can tell that he’s playing Maroni to what he wants, and by the end of episode you find out that Falcone is using Oswald to bring down Maroni and Fish Mooney.

Fish Mooney said it in the episode that Falcone doesn’t seem to worried about Maroni and his crew. He’s been around a long time and he knows how the system works. Even when Gordon comes to arrest him he’s not worried, he pulls the strings in GOTHAM. He knows that Gordon is a good cop, and if he needs his enemies out of the wa he’ll need men like Gordon to take them in. Getting more people out of the way means he’s business grows.


Zasaz is still just a low level enforcer, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to send him to Arkham Asylum where he’ll grow to be more crazy.

Harvey comes back to help Gordon, knowing he’s dead one way or another. Plus he knows GOTHAM and the crime scene. I see them like Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in The Untouchables. They’re going to clean up GOTHAM, even if that means their life is on the line while doing it.

The exposition at the end seemed a bit forced. However you can also see that Penguin is playing Falcone as well. He wants to be on top and will do anything to get there.

A storm is coming….

Victor Zsasz in GOTHAN, is this Good or Bad?


A lot of villains have been speculated to make an appearance in GOTHAN. Victor Fries, Hugo Strange, The Joker, but one name that really got my attention was Victor Zsasz. Such a great Batman villain and he was so under used in Batman Begins and I’m excited to see how they use him in GOTHAM. Cause lets be honest the last few villains we’ve gotten are not up to par to some of the big named villains.


GOTHAM and ARROW have already shared villains with the Dollmaker and now GOTHAM and FLASH are sharing an actor. Anthony Carrigan played The Mist in THE FLASH and is now playing Zsasz.

The new promo FOX has given us though is a bit silly. First the Penguin just walks in the police station and now Zsasz just jumps in and demands to see Jim Gordon…oh gezz. It’s cool that we get to see the cuts on his body and him cutting himself. But from this trailer does worried me that the show will take this dark sinister character and just turn him to just another mob hitman that could be replaced by any other character.

I guess we’ll have to wait for ep.7 “Penguin’s Umbrella”

“GOTHAM” Ep.6 Spoiler Review


Much last weeks AGENTS OF SHIELD there’s a lot going on this this episode. I just feel like the detective stories get so tangled up by these other plot points happening that it takes away from the real story.

We get to see a flash back of Harvey with with old partner, played by Dan Hedaya. We see that Harvey at one point was just like Gordon, a cop who didn’t sit back for back up, but jumps in to find the criminal. Harvey and his partner are out finding the Spirit of the Goat Killer. In the process Hadaya gets injured and Harvey kills the Goat Killer.


Cut back to present day and the killer is back.

In this episode we get to see more of Edward Nigma and its very entertaining, I like where this character is going. He’s a bit creepy, but right now it seems harmless and awkward. He throws out some riddles, but its not pushing it on us.


We also get pointless scenes with Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, and The Penguin. All those scenes could have been saved for the next episode.

Also Penguin and his mother have a very uncomfortable relationship, and that’s all I’ll say about that.


So we have this not so bad story of a Goat copycat killer, but when we finally find out that the doctor who is treating one of the victims father Harvey somehow notices something that makes him realize its her. Then he mentions how she was the doctor to the previous Goat Killer, OK if that’s so why didn’t Harvey look into that in the first place?

So that’s where the story lacks.

Also the ending where Gordon gets arrested for “Killing” the Penguin is a good way to end the episode, but then Penguin walks into the police station and announces that he’s alive. Why? Have it end with Gordon and Harvey being arrested and end on a cliffhanger.


All and all, this isn’t a bad episode but I’m still unsure if it will last a 2nd season.



Just got a chance to watch last nights episode of Gotham called “Viper”. Obvious this episode sort of give us a sneak peek of what could be the venom that BANE has running threw his body. Time will tell though if that is true, but I have to say this episode didn’t really get me. Yes it help push the season along with showing how the Penguin is growing power, how Bruce is becoming a detective, Fish Mooney’s place to take down Falcone, and now we have some mystery villain showing up in GOTHAM. We got to see Selina Kyle again, for a brief moment, and Edward Nygma (you can tell he loves destruction). I really hope they don’t kill Falcone on the show, I feel like the girl Fish Mooney is using to seduce him has more to her story. The whole story with the scientist though just came and went, its like they have all these character sub stories and then write a story around it. It works in some episodes and then it kinds just falls to the wind in others.The show still doesn’t have the feel of the CW’s shows, and I’m still hoping that come the mid season the show picks up. Again, only time will tell.