Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Review


Friday night I saw Captain America Civil War in theaters, which like how in the original Star Trek films Wrath of Kahn, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home are called a trilogy. This film along with Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, make up an Avengers trilogy of sorts.

I was actually a fan of the first Captain America film and Winter Soldier is my favorite MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE film to date. Winter Soldier was a good film outside of the MCU, and it help change the look and feel of the films that came after.

When the news came out that the 3rd Captain America film would be semi based on the acclaim graphic novel CIVIL WAR, I was excited to see two of the MCU’s biggest heroes duel in  battle of right and wrong. Then Spider-Man and Ant-Man were announced to make an appearance in the film. Which OK I get why Ant-Man was in it, his film did good and Paul Rudd is a face people know. Plus he was in the comic. Spider-Man how ever always felt forced to me. Since SONY messed up another Spider-Man film they made a deal with the MCU to use the character in this film.

Let me get to the real SPOILER part of this blog:

The film begins in 1991, where we see the Winter Soldier being sent out on a mission to take out a car and steal some medical bags, we are never told really what these thing are. We learn later that its the same stuff Steve Rogers was given that made him Cap. America. Although, the only person who knew how to make that was the scientist who was murdered in the first Cap. America film. I guess they somehow found notes and recreated it? Also after we see Stark’s hologram of his parents leaving, and then clips of the night Winter Soldier look out the car in 91′, it was obvious that it was Tony’s parents who were in the car. Meaning Bucky killed his parents. Now this is not revealed to Tony until the very end of the film.

The whole motivation of the film to why Tony decides to sign the Sokovia Accords, is because a mom happens to be below a university waiting to meet him and show him a picture of her dead son. Who was killed in Sokovia.

We also get to see our “villain” for the film Zemo, what a waste of another MARVEL villain. He kills a former Soviet General who had worked on the Winter Soldier project we saw in the beginning. He’s motivation for killing people, is cause is wife and kids were killed in Sokovia. Really? So that’s why he killed Black Panther’s father and several others? We find out through Bucky that the stuff he stole from Tony’s dad was used to create more Winter Soldiers like him. They were all frozen and Zemo finds them, and what does he do when he finds them? He shoots them in the end and plays a videos showing Tony that Bucky killed his folks. How he knew Tony would show up, who knows.

Another wasted villain was Crossbones. Here’s a character we saw in Winter Soldier that is a big Captain America villain. In this film we see that he has a team that breaks into a building and steals a bio weapon. He then blows himself up, trying to kill Cap in the process. He’s stopped my Scarlet Witch, but she throws him towards a building with people…whoops.

How I would have done this film story is so:

Start it in 1991 like how the film does, with Bucky being told the lines that put him in a trance. We then see him Attack the car and taking the super serum.

We then cut to present day at the funeral of Peggy Carter. There is Cap, Falcon, Tony, Hank Pym and his daughter, Scott Lang, Black Widow, and the rest of the Avengers minor Hawkeye, Thor and Bruce. Like in the film we see we find out that Agent 13 Sharon Carter is related to Peggy. That an her an Cap have been romantic lately. It can be here where we have Ant-Man and Falcon reunite, Hank meeting Tony. and then Black Widow telling Cap that Crossbones is attacking a city in Africa.

Now this cam mirror what happens in the film a bit. What I would add is that along with Crossbones are these group of super like soldiers, who speak in Russian, are working along side him. They attack the center of disease control and try to steal a bio weapon. The Avengers like in the film stop them. They’re mission fails, but this group of super soldiers destroy a building killed many people. Crossbones and his team escape.

Like the film we cut to Tony’s hologram with his folks, but instead of him talking to a university we have him talking to a High School. He can be going on a tour, visiting High Schools and offering one lucky person a grant. There he can meet Peter Parker as he leaves and they have a mini conversation. Camera crews are out when a woman walks up to him acting like a mom who’s son is interested in the grant, only to reveal that her son was killed in Sokovia and his dreams died with him. Having this be LIVE on television we see Tony’s reaction and the worlds as well.

Much like in the film again, Gen. Ross meets with the Avengers and has then now working for the UN, which Tony agrees with and Roger saying no. We add in some lines to Cap about how can they trust Ross to not take advantage of the Avengers powers when he himself created an Abomination. Echo back the The Incredible Hulk film.

Cap now working with Falcon alone on this decides that he needs to find Bucky and see if he knows anything about these Russian speaking super soldiers. Bucky is still a wanted criminal though, so if caught he will go to jail.

We also find out that crossbones and the super soldiers are working for Baron Heinrich Zemo, who like in the film uses the information Black Widow leaked out to find out about the super soldiers and the Winter Soldier projects. We see Cap and Iron Man try to convince each other who’s right. We’re then joined by Black Panther, who is there to sign the Sokova Accords like in the film, when its attacked. Also like the film Bucky is blamed for it, when in reality it was the super soldiers and Zemo. They blame the attacks on Bucky and the governments of the world go after him. Its at this point someone leaked to Tony that Bucky killed his parents and wants him dead. With Cap knowing this the whole time, like in the film, after the events at the warehouse in Winter Soldier.

From this point we see a similar situations shown in the film. But Vision is also being held prisoner in the Avengers base, to not only protect Scarlet Witch who he likes, but because Tony feels responsible for his creation and makes a deal to make him safe. It didn’t make any sense to be why they would be afraid of Scarlet Witch and not the thing created by Ultron. We see a fight scenes between Cap and Crossbones mixed in. Zemo, like in the film, uses the soviet mind control on Bucky. Which still works on him. However as the film gets closer to the end Bucky is able to over come it and break the trance for good. He doesn’t get re frozen like in the film…that was stupid.

Also when Tony meets Peter Parker, he tells him he got selected for the scholarship and that he knows he’s the hero known as Spider-Man. So that differs a bit from the film.

The film ends with Captain, Bucky, and Iron Man fighting to the death. Its at this point where Tony knows that Zemo was behind it all, but is so taken over by anger still tries to Kill Bucky. Its also reveled that Zemo is actually Red Skull. After the events of the first film, the Tesseract sent him to where Thanos is. There he tells him of his world and Thanos uses him to help take over earth. Captain is about to pretty much kill Tony, after Iron man when a shot rings out. Its Crossbones, he snipes Cap killing him. Tony holds his dying body, as he looks out to where the shot came from. Bucky is cleared of all charges of the bombings, but is arrested for the crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier.

The film ends as it began, with a funeral. All the Avengers are there and Tony gives the eulogy. The Sokovia Accords go into effect. With the Avengers now part of the government, and some of the team is still in prison.

The first after credit scene is the Spider-Man one that was shown at the end of the film.

The after-credit scene is instead pays homage to the first Iron Man film. Tony walks into his house and much like how Nick Fury showed up in the dark, this time its Star Lord and the introduction is similar to that of Nick Fury. Tony is defensive and shoots his Iron Man hand glove at him. Star Lord moves out of the way and tells Tony that a darker force is coming.


So that’s my rant about Civil War and how I would have rewritten some parts.

If you haven’t scene the film, go watch it and make your own opinions.


Finally! The Age of Ultron Trailer I’ve been waiting for!


After all the dark bruiting trailer we’ve been given, that’s just the same footage over and over. We finally get a trailer that was fun, with humor and action and not all DARK KNIGHT.

It sums up all what you need to know about the film, gives you good look all the characters, shows us Ultron before his upgrade, we see the hulk buster suit, cool action scenes. That is what they should have given us from the beginning, or at least after the the teaser came up.

Does this make me more excited to see the film, no. However I will see the film and hope that there’s a trailer for STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS.

NEW Avengers 2 Trailer…cool


MARVEL just dropped a new trailer for the film AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON, and its OK.

I mean look, the first trailer was fun, the 2nd trailer was the same trailer but it gave us a funny opening. I also felt that the 2nd trailer told us to much of some parts of the story.

I wasn’t blown away from this trailer, It showed me nothing that made me go, “Oh wow!” At least we didn’t get that damn Pinocchio song again.

Summary of the trailer

We hear Ultron, we see him talk about how he doesn’t think much of the human race, which is what we got in the other trailers.

We see Tony Stark talk about how he build Ultron and talk about how important the Avengers are, Seen it and seen it.

Then some distractions of cities…again.

Then we see in one scene that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are bad guys, but then we see that Scarlet Witch is fighting with The Avengers against Ultron’s army. Telling us that they will infact be good at the end of this film.


So the plot of the film is that a bay guy, who is connected to one of the Avengers, gets super powers then builds an army to destroy the human race.

Well that sound’s like a rather, wait a MINUTE!

The first Avengers movie was about a bad guy who had connections with another Avengers who gets super powers and an army to destroy the human race.

How much do you wanna bet that the ending is them destroying Ultron and by that deactivates his robot army.

So if you liked the first Avengers movie then you’ll love this film, because it’s the same movie with darker undertones.

Plus they whole Vision sneek peek at the end, I honestly went, “Oh my Vision.”

It’s nothing, I’m people who don’t now comics were like, “What was that?”


So was I BLOWN AWAY by this trailer. No, not even close. I’m more excited about the possibility of a STAR WARS trailer being played before this movie!

“AGE OF ULTRON” new footage!

After all the news MARVEL dropped on us yesterday, last nights episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD gave us a new clip from AGE OF ULTRON. It was part a scene shown at this years COMIC CON where we see the whole team, including Rhodey and Marie hill (but no Falcon?), and there’s also some mystery woman sitting next to THOR. From what I’ve read online is that it’s not Natalie Portman, and they are keeping her hidden in this new clip.

What’s so refreshing about this clip is that we get to see THE AVENGERS laugh and relax as a team together. I know some people were complaining that the teaser trailer was to dark, so this may calm them down. It was a really funny clip and just makes me more excited to see this film!

The rest of the clip is just a rehash of the teaser with a few new clips of LOKI’s staff and showing the infinity stone.

What do you think of this new footage? Leave your COMMENTS and RANT away!

Benedict Cumberbatch as DOCTOR STRANGE


Today MARVEL and DISNEY sent an email out saying that tomorrow they were gonna announce some big news at an event in California. Many speculated that it would be more AVENGERS footage, also MARVEL said they were gonna show some more footage for AGE OF ULTRON after this weeks episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD.

Another guesses many people came up with was that they were gonna show ether Ant-Man footage or announced who will be playing DOCTOR STRANGE.


Well according to DEADLINE Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Now there has not been any official announcement from MARVEL on whether this is true or not, but Cumberbatch’s name was one of the contenders to play the role of STEPHEN STRANGE, which got a call out cameo in WINTER SOLDER.


Other names that were thrown out were Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, and Joaquin Phoenix. One actor that I knew really wanted to play the part was Patrick Dempsey, he’s a fan of the character and I could see him in the role.

Cumberbatch though is on a hot streak with SHERLOCK, STAR TREK, and now his potential Oscar best actor nomination for THE IMITATION GAME. I can see why MARVEL and DISNEY would wan’t to go with him, one he’s a terrific actor and second he was one of those iconic voices We saw, or better yet heard, that in THE HOBBIT.

detail (1)

Again though MARVEL has not officially announced that Cumberbatch is DOCTOR STRANGE, but if they do there’s still another thing to consider. Will a DOCTOR STRANGE movie work, or will it flop?

What do you think about this news? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!


Yes once again just a few hours after I posted that the trailer for Age of Ultron was leaked and was taken down, MARVEL has just said, “FAAAAAC IT”, and posted the teaser up.

So if you haven’t seen the trailer here it is!

What do you think of the 1st official trailer of Age of Ultron? Are you excited, leave a COMMENT and RANT below!


8 hours after I posted my blog on the upcoming AGE OF ULTRON teaser trailer being released next week with AGENTS OF SHIELD someone has leaked the teaser trailer, and before I could post the link in this blog…they took it down.

But, here are some stills from the trailer revealing what ULTRON and the HULKBUSTER looks like.


So for those who didn’t get a chance to see the video let me describe it for you…


All my worries over this sequel was that can it keep that cool comic book feel like AVENGERS, but have that new edgy real feeling THE WINTER SOLDER had. The answer is a big FUCK YEAH!

When the teaser begins we hear James Spader’s voice as Ultron, we then see snips of what looks like a war going on. We see The Avengers and they look warn out and beaten. Bruce Banner is curled up in a blanket on the floor.

We then see our first view of ULTRON, he looks like a disembodied Iron Man suit, You can see where the helmet has been torn to show where his eyes and mouth would be, similar to how he looked in the comics. Right off the bat its obvious ULTRON is not going to be at all like the jokester Loki was. This machine is down to destroy everything in his way. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch looks like are going to be working with ULTRON in the film, so we’ll see if by the end they join The Avengers or not. Also we get to see the Hulkbuster in action like I hoped. It shows that Iron Man is actually in the giant suit and for some reason is fighting Hulk. Tony Stark in the teaser is sort of blaming himself for what happens in the film, could this lead to the events in Civil War and CAPTAIN AMERICA 3?Some other things I noticed was a bit clip of Nick Fury and Captain America’s shield broken, which was revealed at COMIC CON. I don’t think any of our heroes are gonna die in this film, I know people were saying that Hawyeye may die in this film but I also heard that he maybe in CAP 3.

So my hopes just got very high for this film. Can’t wait for next April!

“Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” TEASER TRAILER COMING SOON!


I read last night after watching last weeks Agents of SHIELD that the next episode will have attached to it a teaser trailer for AGE OF ULTRON. I’m excited YES! Do I think we’ll see much of the film, I don’t think so and I hope not. One of the best teaser trailers I saw this year was for DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. I was already a fan of the first film and that teaser just made me more excited to see the film.

Once again let me be honest about my feelings toward THE AVENGERS film. It was a fun movie, and it was cool seeing all these heroes unite and fight together. However, is it the best comic book movie ever? Hard to say, where THE DARK KNIGHT was a comic book film, it was drenched in realism that works for a Batman movie. THE AVENGERS have aliens and a Hulk, its more in the realm of fantasy films. So best comic book movie is a tie. Then we got THE WINTER SOLDER, which was sort of the combination of THE DARK KNIGHT realism and the fantasy of THE AVENGERS all rolled into one.

So with that all said, how will AGE OF ULTRON be set as? Will it have the super comic boom feel the first one had, or will it have that more real life feel to the fantasy? Obviously we won’t be given any major plots or nothing, I hope we get to see the Hulkbuster in action, but I’m really wondering how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are gonna be brought in. I’m not sold on the look of Quicksilver in this film, the version that X-MEN gave us was so epic and funny I’m worried that version will over shadow MARVEL’s version. We can only wait and see.

What do you think about this news of the AGE OF ULTRON teaser dropping soon? Are you excited to see this team rejoin and fight together as one? Leave your COMMENTS and RANTS below!