Furious Bourne Impossible Expendibales trailer review

I am a fan of the original Bourne Trilogy, I never saw Legacy, so when I heard that a new Bourne movie was coming out I was interested. Then I saw the trailer…oy vey!

The Bourne movie were homage to the classic spy thrillers from the 60’s, it had action and fighting, but this new trailer went all Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious. I think they did this because the franchise with Matt Damon


has been away for a while and in its place we’ve gotten several Fast movies and those trailers have cars blowing up. You have the line “we’re at at war! we need the perfect weapon!” Replace the Bourne character with Jean-Claude Van Damn its just another action 90’s B-movie.



Bourne’s story ended with the third film, he found the people who made him what he was and got his revenge. Its going to be like commando or double team where the leader of a government group go find Bourne and tell him, “We need you back Bourne, one-last-time.” At first he’ll say “no, I’m done.” Then the bad guys will effect his new life in someway and he has to fight.



Fast and Furious 

If I rate the film on this trailer, I won’t be seeing it in theaters. Maybe the longer trailers will change my mind. Until then I’ll go back and watch the trilogy.



I didn’t like this film.


I went into INTERSTELLAR with a clear mind.

I thought this movie was so dull, and so long and had so many plot holes. I was not taken back by any of the scenes. I’ve already seen GRAVITY and that film had way better visuals and honestly a far better, understandable plot. This film is a jumble mess or scenes that go no where and speaks so much science jargon that you get lost and have no idea what these characters are saying or what just happen.


It felt like I was watching a video game. INTERSTELLAR: the game, you play as an astronaut who must travel threw time and use what little resources his and his team has to go take missions on different planets. I was expecting to see a first person look and a life bar.

The underlining message is not time or how fast time flys, but that when you believe in LOVE everything will work out. “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!”



Matt Damon took me out of the movie, it felt like he was acting and he’s only there to give the audience exposition and be the films bad guy. I knew he was going to be the bad guy, its so obvious.tumblr_mk60slMwZf1rhjbkxo1_500

So count that, the dude from the Hunger Games, and the black scientist who just had two days left till retirement, Eric Forman, and Casey Affleck to the list of pointless characters in this film. There’s so many its hard to count!

Also, who did the ship that the black dude was inside blow up? How did the robot make it out with out a scratch when that ship blew the fuck up?

Anna Hathaway and Jessica Chastain were so fucking winney! People say that Jessica Chastain performance was fantastic. Her character did nothing! She was in the for less them 5mins and just did nothing? How did she figure out that he father is talking to her….BECAUSE OF LOVE!


Also the whole ending is behind the little girls book shelf. Who is they? If He’s they how does that happen? This films ending makes no sense, it clears up nothing. This is like a bad episode of The Outer Limits.

How does the future people know where Matthew McConaughey was in space? The future they live in a space station, but people still live on earth, but his daughter tells him to find Ann Hathaway for some reason, is the planet shes on the future planet people live on, and if so why have a space station? AND HOW IS MICHAEL CAINE ALIVE FOR SO LONG?



This movie is visually nice, but GRAVITY did it better. I get that people say that Nolan went somewhere he never went before, but does that make it a better film? NO, he put his mind to much in the look but did not take time to make a good story. Peter Jackson did that with KING KONG and that didn’t work ether.