Here’s Spidy!


The new trailer for MARVEL’s Cap. America Civil War just dropped, and it was full of really cool action scenes, give us a more in-depth look at our characters and story outline. It also gave us our first look at the new Spider-Man, and he looks horrible!


I was so excited to see Spider-Man and even the way he was introduced was weak. Then the look of the costume and the really bad CGI. It looks like a cross between a bad cosplay and the Spider-Man from the 1970’s live-action show.



Plus his eyes do some weird motion like he’s deadpool or something. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man looked better then this. Plus the last Spider-Man suite was perfect. This just looks like a hot mess, and I hope I HOPE this is not the finish product.

Really I think putting Spider-Man in this film was just way to say sorry for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

We’ll see if they give us anymore looks at this new Spider-Man, and if those will be any improvement to this disaster.


Star Trek Beyond trailer review


Well, crap.

Star Trek Into Darkness was my favorite film of 2013. I saw it twice in theaters and even being a fan of the old Trek I walked out liking every bit of the film. I even liked the first film and thought they handled time travel quite well.

What made those films great were three things, JJ Abrams directing, the perfect cast, and the writing team of Kurtzman and Orci (because they were Trek fans). Sadly the new films is missing two of its key elements, and its so painfully obvious.

JJ went off to direct STAR WARS, which comes out Friday, Kurtzman just didn’t come back at all and Robert Orci back out of everything except for a producer role. He was the original director but later “exited” the film. So that’s when they got Justin Lin of the Fast and Furious franchise to come direct the 3rd film.

Lin does great if the Fast and Furious franchise, but Trek is a whole other ballpark. And from what I saw from this trailer, it doesn’t look good.

First off Simon Pegg was signed on as one of the writers on the film after the studio felt the first few scripts were too Star Trek. In Pegg’s own words, “had a script for Star Trek that wasn’t really working for them. I think the studio was worried that it might have been a little bit too Star Trek-y.”


“I want you to make a Star Trek movie, but don’t make it anything like Star Trek at all and more like Guardians of the Galaxy.” That’s how I imagine the pitch went.

We start off by hearing music that does not even mesh with the Star Trek tone, the Beastie Boy. Once that song came on I was already out. It just does not work! Might as well thrown in ether Vin Diesel or The Rock in Star Trek. This looks like a hot mess.

The story looks stupid from the little we got, Idris Elba looks like the bad guy from Galaxy Quest. This is not a film for the fans and non fans like the others. This film is for the people who liked the Fast and Furious, and don’t get me wrong I like those movies but not in Trek.


If the hardcore fans weren’t pissed off already by the last two films, they sure as hell will be now. So next summer I guess we’ll see how Star Trek 3: Boldly Drifting turns out.

Independence Day: Resurgence trailer review


Thank the maker it didn’t get titled ID2: Forever Part 1…

Today dropped the first trailer for the sequel to the 1996 mega blockbuster Independence Day, and it was awesome!

We welcome back Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica Fox, and Brent Spiner. Now if your asking where Will Smith is at, well he’s busy with Suicide Squad so his character dies off screen some time ago.

"Independence Day Resurgence" Global Production Event

EXCLUSIVE – seen at the “Independence Day Resurgence” Global Production Event on Monday, June 22, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Twentieth Century Fox/AP Images)

New to the cast we get Liam Hemsworth (not Thor the other Hemsworth), William Fichtner (not Shredder from Ninja Turtles), and Maika Monroe (not the actress who played the daughter in the first film).

"Independence Day Resurgence" Global Production Event

EXCLUSIVE – Cast of “Independence Day Resurgence” seen at the “Independence Day Resurgence” Global Production Event on Monday, June 22, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Twentieth Century Fox/AP Images)

The plot is actually quite good for a sci-fic sequel.

After the events of the first movie, the government has used the alien technology to enhance their arm forces and weapons. Goldblum’s character who was known to be echo friendly and anti-government is not happy with the way the government as used the alien tech.


Bill Pullman, who obviously is still scarred from when the captured alien got in his head, says he had dreamed about the aliens returning. Since his term as President he has grown a beard and now uses a cane to walk. From what I saw his now grown daughter is dating Hemsworth’s character and his buddy is Will Smith’s son.


X-Men: Apocalypse needs to watch this trailer and learn what a good trailer looks like. ID 2 had CGI, and is going to be in 3D. However they didn’t catered to the 3D like X-Men did. This movie is going to be corny, but it still pulled me in. X-Men is not suppose to be  corny, but they trailer makes it look that way.

Along with Batman v Superman, Rogue One, Civil War, ID 2 is on my list of films I can’t wait to see in theaters!

X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Review


Out of all the super hero movies out there, the X-Men franchise is my favorite. I grew up watching the cartoon series and the SEGA games, and was a huge fan of the first two films when they came out. X2 is still my favorite movie out of the series.

So being a fan of cartoon series I was introduced to a lot of villains in that universe. My favorite one being Apocalypse! I even had an action figure of him in my room…still in the box. That being said, I’ve been wanting to see him in a film since X-Men: The Last Stand. Which when you take out the whole Magneto his Hitler, and “the Juggernaut Bitch”, could have been an interesting story about the Phoenix.

Also, despite X2 each other X-Men movie saw Magneto as the films core bad guy. With Humans bad guys included trying to kill, or round up mutants. Similar with how the Superman Franchise always had Lex Luthor as the core bad guys in the films, while ignoring villains like Brainiac.

So last year with the release of Days of Future Past we got an after credit scene that showed the first mutant himself, Ivan Ooze! I..I mean…Apocalypse!


Now in that scene we see the first mutant standing above an Egyptian city, while slaves are building pyramids. Now we know that this has to be some time long ago because Apocalypse is quite young in this scene, and when we get to the next film in the 80’s he looks a lot older. Plus we get a glimpse at the four horsemen. Then BLACK!

Yesterday news went around that the first full trailer was dropping on Friday, and seeing that it’s the day I watched it online.

He’s what we know so far from just the trailer.

Professor X has reopened the school for the gifted, and by this point has recruited Jean Gray and possibly Scott Summers. Who’s brother Alex aka Havok is scene with Professor X when they discover that Apocalypse may be real. Now will they be brothers in the film? Who knows, they may just over look that part and never mention how their last names are the same.

Another thing we see is that from the last time we saw Apocalypse he lost his horsemen. How? Maybe they got older and died, or died in a battle, or who cares this is an X-Men movies and continuity does not exist in this franchise!

We find out that the new four horsemen are: Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Angel. Also, Moria is great at giving exposition through dialogue! Tells us everything we need to know going into this.


We also get to see quicksilver again, does he know who is daddy is? Beast is back, will they change the make-up again? Nightcrawler and Jubliee because…yeah.

Then probably the weird story line in the new trilogy is how Mystique is a good guy now…I mean a good guy again. Her story arc is so Topsy-Turvy, and will they explain what happened between the ending of the last film, where she disguised herself as Stryker and saved Wolverine (dumb, why not have the real Stryker do that?), to where it looks like she’s been gone for a while.

Then we get some REALLY BAD CGI effects, I mean SyFy movie channel production CGI. That or it looks like the effects were catered for 3D, like when a 3D movie has someone throws an object at the screen so when you go watch it it’s in 3D!!! lame.

Then to end it, they give some fan service by showing a quick scene of bald Professor X. OK then…


To sum up this trailer I’ll say this, the 3rd film in a series is always the one to worry about. Return of the Jedi, Return of the King, Spiderman 3, Iron Man 3, and yes X-Men 3. Did I liked this trailer, eh it was OK. Honestly I think they could have done better. I’ll still go see it cause I’m a fan, but my hopes will be at a median level.

Unlike Star Wars: The Force Awakens which comes out next week, my hopes are high for that film! So if it sucks I have no one to blame but myself!


Batman v Superman Trailer Review


The new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman film dropped yesterday. We got some incite to the film’s plot, and a few spoilers.

When the trailer opens up we see a press event taking place set up my LexCorp. Clark is there covering the event for the Daily Planet. Then Gotham’s must famous playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne shows up. We get a good look at Ben Affleck’s  Bruce. He’s older, and from the conversation with Clark about the diffrences between Superman and Batman, it looks as if Bruce knows that Clark is The Man of Steel.

We also get a reference to the Joker, you can tell when Affleck says, “Maybe its the Gotham City in me…” you can tell he’s been wanting to say that since childhood!

We then get to see Lex introduce the two hero’s in a very corny fashion. It’s like Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor but as a young man. Although the whole hand shaking line from Lex saying how firm Clark’s was is stupid.

It’s shown that Bruce and Lex have meet in the past, most likely is business passing.

We then get another look into the Batman dream sequence with Superman, cause that’s what it is.

What I thought was interesting is that we get are first bat swear in a movie, “That Son of a Bitch.” I’m sure he must have said “damn” at some point. But throwing at an SOB, this is a more angry, bitter, Batman we are getting.

Lex then says the title of the movie again as he has Lois captured. Which short of shows that he probably knows that Clark is Superman.

Then we get the whole movie RUINED when the studio and the editor of the trailer spoil the surprise plot. We see that Lex is using Zod’s body for some experiments, now we have seen these same things in the previous trailer. What we get to see now is the reveal of DOOMSDAY! Yep, the main villain of the movie and he’s most likely going to be on screen for maybe 20mins. Why show everyone this and not wait to surprise people at the theaters?

Also we get a funny joke between Batman and Superman about Wonder Woman. “She with you?” “I thought she was with you?” ADD LAUGH HERE!

All in all, I liked the trailer. It has its fair share of funny, serious, action, and comic book homage scenes. Will this by past Nolan’s Batman Series in the box office? We shall see, all I know for sure is that nothing is going to beat Star Wars until maybe Captain America: Civil War.

Gods of Egypt, Why do movies like this get green-lit?


I just watched the trailer for what I predict will be the first financial bomb of 2016, GODS OF EGYPT.

This movie stars Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as the hero of the film Horus, He also started in last years The Other Woman, the really disappointing feature film version of the scary short film Mama, and had a bit part in the boring Tom Cruise space movie Oblivion. None of these movies are pieces of great cinema by any count.

Our bad guy is played by the start of the upcoming 80’s action comedy London Has Fallen Down, Fallen Down, Fallen Down, My Fair Lady, Gerard Butler as Set. Ugh, I can not stand Gerard Butler. The only movie I liked with him in it was The Ugly Truth, don’t judge me monkey…

What makes me sad as I read this cast is that somehow they were able to rope in Geoffrey Rush, from Pirates of the Caribbean and Mystery Men (that was the first movie I saw him in), and Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman.

These two are really good actors, how did they agree to do this film? Rush I can kind of get, I mean like Morgan Freeman said once about why do A Dolphin Tale 2…”Money.” Boseman though, he just got signed on to Disney’s Marvel Universe for both Civil War and a stand alone Black Panther film. He does not need to do this movie, unless they offered them both a butt-load of cash.

With Nikolaj and Butler I can see them doing movies like this. Look at what Butler is coming out next year, a stupid sequel to a stupid movie.

What makes me even more surprise is that a production company would produce this movie and give the movie a 140 million dollar budget. The last Hunger Games movie was only made with 125 million.

Now you can argue, “well look at the trailer, this is a heavy CGI movie. I bet it was all shot on greenscreen and that’s why its so expensive to make!” Take as Exhibit A Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, it was made for 113 million and it was a heavy CGI film. Course with the last Pirates film the budget was 378.5 million and racked in a total of 1.046 billion in the box office. But Gods of Egypt is not piggy backing on a franchise like Pirates is doing. This film I highly predict will come no where close to a billion in the box office. I’ll be surprise if they even break their budget.

Lionsgate is distributing the film, this is the same company of The Hunger Games, Twilight Saga, and The Expendables. So even when this film tanks they will be OK with Hunger Games money. Not to mention they got the distributing rights to the new Mighty Morphing Power Rangers film.

So now we come back to the question at hand, why do films like this get made? What I think is that a film like this will make bank overseas and with that they are able to make their budget back and more. Cause no one here in the US is going to see this movie. I would love to find someone out there who watch the trailer and said, “OMG! What an epic trailer! I MUST see this film!”

They only positive thing I take from this is, if a piece of movie garbage like this can get made I can make a movie, and find people back it like no sweat!

“JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2” Why and What?

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember the Christmas cult film JINGLE ALL THE WAY starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad.


The story of two dad’s out to find a TURBO MAN action-figure, and struggle and fight to find it. Was this a great film? No, but it was a fun 90’s family film that also introduced Jake Lloyd aka Anakin Skywalker.


Well after 18 years the WWF and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to make a sequel which its only connection to the original is that its about a dad trying to find a toy for his kid. So who did they cast in this sequel no one wanted or asked for? Non other then that fake redneck himself Daniel Whitney aka Larry the Cable Guy.


Larry plays a dad who’s looking for a teddy bear for his daughter, but its sold out. So he goes looking for it, but his daughters EVIL stepfather doesn’t want that to happen so tries to stop him. FUNNY RIGHT?

This trailer is obviously just a teaser and looks more like a rip off of Christmas Vacation, a bad rip off.

Alex Zimmer the director of this film as directed such sequel jems as:

Inspector Gadget 2

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Tooth Fairy 2 (which also starred Larry)

and The Little Rascals Save The Day

I’m surprised he didn’t direct the Christmas Story sequel. Which was another sequel non of us asked for.

JINGLE ALL THE WAY is just one of those guilty pleasure films and also a classic 90’s Arnold film. This sequel is just another line of bad movies the WWF is producing. Don’t believe me, go check out LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS.

“AGE OF ULTRON” new footage!

After all the news MARVEL dropped on us yesterday, last nights episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD gave us a new clip from AGE OF ULTRON. It was part a scene shown at this years COMIC CON where we see the whole team, including Rhodey and Marie hill (but no Falcon?), and there’s also some mystery woman sitting next to THOR. From what I’ve read online is that it’s not Natalie Portman, and they are keeping her hidden in this new clip.

What’s so refreshing about this clip is that we get to see THE AVENGERS laugh and relax as a team together. I know some people were complaining that the teaser trailer was to dark, so this may calm them down. It was a really funny clip and just makes me more excited to see this film!

The rest of the clip is just a rehash of the teaser with a few new clips of LOKI’s staff and showing the infinity stone.

What do you think of this new footage? Leave your COMMENTS and RANT away!

MARVEL Movie Updates!

With DC’s big roll out announcements a few weeks back, MARVEL has fired back hard! This may be because of the leaked Age of Ultron trailer we got, but the big MARVEL Hollywood press event has given us some KICK ASS news!


Its official that Loki’s staff does contain one of the gems that was talked about in GUARDIANS. I know many speculated that it was and now we know for a fact that it is one.

They also showed some live-action footage of the infinity gauntlet, which we got a glimpse of in the first THOR movie. But from what I read we see that THANOS is holding it. Now this many just be a tease to foreshadow whats to come and not an actual movie scene.

We got the title to AVENGERS 3, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which obviously tell us that the infinity stones and possibly the GUARDIANS will be huge part of that film. Which worries me because I fear that’s to many characters thrown into one movie, but I’m thinking the same for AVENGERS 2 so we’ll see. They will break up AVENGERS 3 into two separate films, May 4, 2018 is Part I and May 3, 2019 is part 2.


We got the official DOCTOR STRANGE logo. I just want to say that NO official announcement was made that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing DOCTOR STRANGE. Which means ether he’s not, or he’s in negotiations.


I think we all guessed what the title to Captain America 3 was going to be.


Chris Evens and Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance, which many hope they would. Kevin Feige did say that the CIVIL WAR film will be different from the comic but it will about the superhuman registration act.

Probably one of the biggest news MARVEL gave out was the casting of Chadwick Boseman as BLACK PANTHER.


It’s already rumored that the character that Andy Serkis is playing is a person from the BLACK PANTHER comics so maybe the rumors are true. Chadwick Boseman was a name that was thrown out of the role, I liked him in 42, I heard he was good in both GET ON UP and DRAFT DAY so I have faith that he’ll do a great job in the role!

They released some concept art for BLACK PANTHER and its very similar to how he looks in the comics. Kevin Feige did say that we will see BLACK PANTHER in costume in CAP. 3 and that he will be an influential character in the next AVENGERS movies.


Among some other news we got the title and logo for:


Will this film lead to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY teaming up with THE AVENGERS for INFINITY WAR? THANOS will obviously be the big villain in the film with hopefully Karen Gillan returning as NEBULA.


I wasn’t a huge fan of THOR 2, the first one is still one of my favorite MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE movies. I have to wait and see what happens in AGE OF ULTRON and that THOR storyline.



Now the INHUMANS story may be connected with what’s going on right now on AGENTS OF SHIELD, but that all fan rumors right now. Not much was given on this film, but again they did say more news to come.

Look out for tonight’s episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD, a new full AGE OF ULTRON trailer to be shown with all new footage. I’m sure the trailer will ether be up later tonight or tomorrow for those who will miss it.

So what do you think about this major MARVEL movie drop? Leave your COMMENTS below and RANT away!

“Interstellar” will it be good?


So disclaimer I have not seen INTERSTELLAR yet, but I’ve watched all the trailers and I’ll be honest I’m not hooked. Yes the visuals look cool and the shots are well done, but I fear that story wise its gonna fail.

I’ve read some reviews on the film and people are saying that, “While script elements loosely hold the film together, it doesn’t undercut Nolan’s gift for spectacle”, and, “the exploration of the stars may require some patience, both with its pace and your own capability of understanding complex time/space theories, but it offers an incredible emotional payoff along with its visual spectacle.”


I’ll go see it never the less because I want to make my own opinion on the film, but these were the fears I had for the film by just watching the trailers. Now I’m not asking to give us the whole movie, I hate when trailers do that, but again besides the cool shots nothing about those trailers really drew me in. I get that Matthew McConaughey is a dramatic actor now, I may get hate for saying this but I did not like Dallas Buyers Club or his performance in it, but I just don’t buy that he’s an astronaut. Maybe if the launch was sponsored my LINCOLN it would be more believable.


Anne Hathaway seems so out of place to me. She looks worried and whimsical in the trailers, I’m almost expecting her to break out in a solo song…”A dreeeam a dreeeam of Space gone byyyyy! To boldly go where no ones goooone!”


I can tell also that Jessica Chastain is going to play the older version of McConaughey’s daughter, which is what I thought was gonna happen. As they travel threw space everyone on earth is aging.

What also worries me is that the last few films I saw about space and space traveling have been in my opinion BAD! PROMETHEUS and OBLIVION were so lack lusting, the writing was horrible. The visuals were done well, but it lacked in plot.

Now When I saw the trailers for INCEPTION I was like, “psh, its all happening in his mind, none of this is real.” Which I was wrong. Well that depends on who you ask, damn spinning top.

In conclusion, INTERSTELLAR is most likely be a visual eye candy film with a plot that only Stephen Hawkings could understand and then tell us how its wrong, or Neil deGrasse Tyson ether one.